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Soon you will see the streets actually augmented with Google Maps AR

google maps augmented reality arThe new augmented reality (AR) mode of Google Maps, which includes the function of walking directions in AR, is about to be available on more devices. Google has announced that its way of walking Live View AR arrive this week to Android phones that support ARCore, as well as to iPhone models that support ARKit. The feature has been available for Pixel phones for some time, after being initially announced during Google I / O in 2018.

Indeed, the Google Maps AR mode was shown for the first time in the Google event as the next visual positioning function of the application, and since then, aroused great expectation. That means that, instead of having to orient yourself through the small blue dot on the app map, the function of using your smart phone's camera to help you determine exactly where you are, through augmented reality. In the future, users may point their camera at a street or building, and the application will not only show the details of the location, but also where to go to reach the destination.

That future, it seems, is getting closer, and will soon be a reality. Augmented reality on Google Maps was tested in a preview by David Pierce of The Wall Street Journal, who explained that the feature can be easily accessed by opening the application and pressing the Start AR button. In doing so, the system will first request that the phone be moved by pointing around to determine the exact location of the user. Then provide directions to the entered destination, in the form of arrows on the screen superimposed on the images, compatible with the familiar Google Maps interface.

However, Google apparently does not want people to be distracted by AR mode. If activated for too long, the app will first ask users to lower the position of the device, and then darken the screen if they do not. In addition to conserving battery power and data, limiting the time of use of the function avoids safety concerns, such as people roaming busy streets while holding their smart phones to see their surroundings in augmented reality, without paying attention to what is happening around him.

The Google Maps AR mode has begun testing with a small group of users who do community tests and reviews. Google has not identified a public release date for the feature, but we hope it will soon join the group of new updates that were recently added to the application, such as speed limits for drivers, direct messages to businesses, and the support of hashtag For reviews.

Also, keep in mind that Google is quick to point out that the feature is still in beta, and warns those who test it that it may not work as impeccably as using Google Maps normally, but don't let that put you off. Live View uses the camera on your phone so you can see the world around you, and then superimpose arrows and directional information to facilitate the search for your destination.

If you want to try this function, open the Google Maps application, search for a walking destination, touch Addresses and select Walk, and then look for the option Live view at the bottom of the screen. Don't worry if you still can't find it, because Google says the feature will come out over the next week.

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