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Shoelace: The new failed application of Google?

Google tries again: a few months after the closure of Google+, it launches a new social network called Shoelace. This is how the new application works and who can try it.

Shoelace: How does the new social network of Google work?

Shoelace, literally translatable as a shoelace, is the new application created by the Google team in area 120 that aims to connect people with similar interests and allow them to meet in person. Based on the interests indicated by the user, the application shows every day new events and activities (called Loops) in the environment.

As the name of the platform suggests, Google tries to unite users who have similar interests (be it sports, art, reading or passion for wine, to name a few) by allowing them to meet personally. Therefore, local communities are at the center of this new platform.

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Shoelace focuses on local communities. / screenshot
<p>Google specifies that the proposed events are selected "by hand", that is, presumably by people of flesh and blood and not by algorithms, and ensures the presence of a verification process for each user who decides to join the community.</p>
<h2>An application for a few (at least for now)</h2>
<p>Shoelace is available on both Android (version 8.0) and iOS (version 11.0) and requires a Google account. At the moment, the application can only be used in New York City: the team decided to test it in the Big Apple to monitor its operation and possibly optimize it and offer it to other realities. The application is also available through a system of invitations: interested parties can request it by filling out this form.</p>
<p>Can Shoelace cross the borders of the United States? It's hard to say now. Addressing local communities can give users a real advantage, but, on the other hand, to ensure the operation and safety of the platform itself requires a significant commitment that should exist.</p>
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