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Set a HISTRIC POLE with this video game for iOS and Android

It is likely that, surfing the internet, you have encountered the term «Pole»Written on several sites. It is usually seen in the comments of the publications and in summary accounts, it is used when the user is the first to respond to a post, indicating precisely that he has been first in doing it. Over time, this activity has become more popular and is no longer worth make the pole In Internet; You have to take it further.

That is what the humorist, screenwriter, collaborator and God in general Llimoo has proposed. The verified has been good to launch a free video game for iOS and Android called Llimoo Pole Fighter in which we not only embody him, but we can also obtain the Universal pole.

After conquering several multimedia fronts, Llimoo launches into the world of video games

We can place the game in the humble fighting genre. The baby fighter system of the classic Street Fighter, where we will connect combos between kicks, kicks, hooks and low kicks. In addition, the characters – at each cul more crazy – have a power bar with which to execute a final attack (attentive to that of the Fhrer).

In Pole Fighter we will have to polear in several categories before accessing the Universal pole. For example, the first one we will dispute is the Pacifist Pole, which we will achieve after giving a huge beating to Mahatma Gandhi.

After this we are presented with a series of fighting against recognized people and characters that will become increasingly difficult, until they unleash in the decisive final battle. All surrounded by hilarious conversations (and even voices).

And it is impossible not to perceive the pampering behind the game: Very well built sprites both in design and animation, high quality backgrounds, excellent dialogues … Don't kidding the joke; It is not the typical shabby game of Android.

Reunion with Grimoo, Crackvia President Llimoo and other humorist characters in Pole Fighter

Of course, perhaps we are quite short as to the "campaign mode." Then I know that it has a more or less attractive postgame since based on coins (which we get according to the performance of the fighting) we can unlock new looks for Llimoo, some of them extracted directly from the Llimoo universe (President Llimoo, the soldier of the Verification Front …) or from Doing The Shit (Grimoo, the disguise of Salou Is Mine …).

Similarly, the game integrates more than 40 achievements to unlock as well as a general ranking in which users can share their score on Twitter with the hashtag #PoleFighter.

It should be noted that Pole Fighter has been in the market for a while busting screens of smartphones and tablets, hence Llimoo is already entirely dedicated to other projects, such as passing Tinder.

Perhaps this last challenge will be influenced by the mega hit «You Canceled Compatibility», one of the multiple singles of the independent artist Andonde Boy, which is considered an absolute follower and is also present in Pole Fighter.

More video games from Llimoo that you can enjoy for free

Being Llimoo for a moment, even though it is through video games, is something that pleases us very much to mere mortals. If you have already obtained all the achievements of Pole Fighter, you can always explore other games that of course were born from the Llimoo imagination, such as Super Llimoo Bros., Sonic Llimoo or Mega Llimoo 2.

All these titles are on the Llimoo website and can be played completely free from the browser itself.

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