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Samsung has penalized Apple for weak iPhone sales: report

The fine will be about US $ 90 million, says ET News

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Apple has a pending fine of about US $ 90 million with Samsung as a result oflow iPhone sales with OLED screens.

According to ET News, the iPhone manufacturer will have purchased a lower amount of OLED panels than agreed with Samsung, generating Apple a penalty of around US $ 90 million for the purchase of fewer units than anticipated.

Apple and Samsung would have agreed to manufacture about 100 million OLED panels each year, the report says, but Apple has not bought that amount, because the iPhone X and iPhone XS, which are the models with this type of screen, have not been sold as expected.

However, the report suggests that Apple will not pay Samsung for the non-acquired screens. Instead, the two companies will sign a new agreement so that the units not purchased are taken into account for a new contract regarding OLED screens for future products.

Apple began using OLED panels on the iPhone X released in 2017. As of 2018, Apple used this screen material in two models, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. For the current year there will also be two new models of cell phones with OLED screens, according to reports; but in 2020 there will be three iPhone that use this type of screen that is more expensive to manufacture but brings improvements on the LCD as real blacks, more battery savings and greater brightness.

Apple will take OLED to other of its products such as tablets and laptops, according to reports. The Cupertino company is preparing to use the microLED and miniLED two variants of the OLED on their tablets and computers to launch as soon as this year. Samsung, being the largest manufacturer of this type of panels in the world, will be responsible for manufacturing it.

Neither Apple nor Samsung gave comments to ZDNet, sister site of CNET.

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