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Samsung finally puts the Galaxy Fold flexible phone on sale after a failed presale

The redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold Source: AP

Finally, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, the folding smartphone that
announced in February and that it should reach the market in April, but that
I had to withdraw after a series of equipment presented screen failures.

Now it's finally on sale: the company showed it in the
IFA 2019 (the Berlin technology fair where there were ads of all kinds) and confirmed that this Friday will be on sale in Korea, which will be followed by Germany, the United States, France, England, Singapore, Spain and other countries. The original price of 1980 dollars remains.

The company says it corrected the design, preventing a protective film from the screen can be removed by mistake, and closing the hinge so that no dust enters (the two main reasons why the first equipment failed). They also added a metal bar joining the covers to make the device firmer when it is open.

The biggest hallmark of the Galaxy Fold is the internal screen of 7.3 inches, it is hidden when the phone closes and leaves, in front, an elongated screen of 4.6 inches. The rest of the hardware, in processor and camera, is similar to the Galaxy S10 +, with 12 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and the same three rear cameras.

Both Huawei and Lenovo, Xiaomi and other companies prepare their phones with folding screens, but all delayed their launches after Samsung delayed theirs.

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