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Samsung Care: Mate X is ready and can arrive before the Galaxy Fold

While Samsung completes the final testing phase of the revised Galaxy Fold, Huawei has obtained the necessary certifications for the launch of its Mate X. Are South Koreans going to be losing the game?

After the delays with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung prepares to announce the new release date. The first folding smartphone of the South Korean company had successfully faced the last phase of tests, according to some professors from the University of Sel to whom the new units reviewed were sent.

However, it seems that a danger is coming: during the announcement of the new smartphones of the Huawei Nova 5 series, the head of the mobile phone department of the Chinese company has revealed some news about the Mate X. It seems that the folding smartphone Huawei is not late because of more preventive tests, but rather because it seems that 5G certification is late.

Following these statements, the latest reports from China indicate that Mate X, whose code name is TAH-AN00, has obtained a network access license from the Ministry of Information Industries of China. As a result, Huawei has finally overcome the last obstacle and is ready for launch.

Are you able to surprise your opponent? We'll see that!


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