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Relic Hunter is a new Android game with many pyramids

111% recently published a new title for Android called Relic Hunter. A game that leads us to the search for treasures and the exploration of the pyramids to find their "secret."

Excavations, relics and treasures meet in a casual with a lot of pixel art and that he is able to hook us thanks to some of his skills that get a good gaming experience. We will know the "secrets" of this new title of a prolific video game studio in launches to the Google Play Store.

Find the secret of the pyramid

111% is a study that has achieved some successes and that went through our lines with Tower Breaker. A study that likes pixel art very much and that shows well in this new game in which everything will take place in different pyramids that await us full of treasures and relics.

Relic Hunter

The game base is to move our protagonist through a pyramid in four possible directions. Like other games in which we have to dig, every move we make against a piece of land will eliminate it. Our mission is really to go for that gold, those diamonds and chests that house a multitude of treasures.


We will find some chests that demand a golden key and this is where the freemium part comes in Relic Hunter with those keys that we can get watching videos with a limit of 3 per day. A freemium in which we find publicity, but not as overwhelming as others to inevitably engage in the search for treasures.

Relic Hunter with his stuff

One of the highlights of Relic Hunter is the randomness of each game. The pyramid map is the sameWhat happens is that every time we run out of life, we will be rescued by a rope that will take us back to the base camp. This means that we have to calculate each movement well in order to get the most out of each exploration.


If we talk about randomness it is for a more than striking reason, every time we enter the pyramid new blocks of land will appear Like those minerals that we will take to our backpack. This gives it a special point, apart from having to go looking at the map to find traps, lost mummies and endless mechanics that will make our path more difficult.

That gold that we will get it will help us to improve the shovel, the damage we do, life, the pet's points and another set of values ??that will allow us to move faster. The pet has not been able to prove it yet, but we assume that it will help us in our exploration and search for treasures and relics.

A well raised game

Relic Hunter is a game to discover just like the pyramids are with its secrets and those pharaohs that are buried. In each pyramid we will have to find all the ancient stone tables and those rare and lost artifacts in time.


A title that has sufficient quality to demonstrate how to make a game with pixel art. The truth is that it is very well designed if you look at it from the perspective of this visual style. What we do not like is that we can not use the 19: 9 format on our mobile and everything stays in a more "square" format. A game of details and in which the technical aspect is well taken care of to give a pleasant gaming experience.

Relic Hunter is a casual high quality pyramid that will have you tied to him for a good morning while you discover those mysteries that are behind those pyramids. By saying that it is freemium, we talk that you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. It is taking you a long time to try it to enjoy an addictive gaming experience in which it is better to improve our shovel, blows, life and discover our pet.

Editor's Opinion

Relic Hunter

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating

  • Relic Hunter
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  • Last modification: August 28, 2019


  • Good pixel art
  • The randomness of each game
  • The main character design


  • Cannot adapt to 19: 9

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