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  PES 2020

If you are a football lover, it is very likely that you have ever played Pro Evolution Soccer, or FIFA. Yes, the Pro of a lifetime. And now, we bring you excellent news: PES 2020 will arrive on Android. And no, in this case we are not talking about a rumor or a leak, but it has been Konami itself who has confirmed through the press release the arrival of its star game.

The war between Pro and FIFA has been in force for years. Year after year, Konami and EA They face death to be crowned as the best soccer game. And, the truth is that they manage to overcome. It is true that, for mobile devices we have a wide variety of games of this type, but the arrival of PES 2020 to Android is excellent news.

  PES 2020

When can I play PES 2020 on my mobile?

In this way, the game developer has issued a statement telling the first details of the arrival of PES 2020 to Android devices. To start, the date chosen for us to play Pro from our phone will be October. Under the name eFootball PES 2020, we will find a really interesting title.

More than anything because Konami wanted to take a new twist, offering some very interesting news to this eFootball PES 2020. To begin with, a new feature called Finesse Drible will arrive. We talked about a “dynamic bargaining technique created thanks to the recommendations of midfielder Andrés Iniesta”. Yes, the boys of Konami have asked for the advice of this emblematic player to make the new Pro 2020 better than ever.

In addition, they have used Artificial Intelligence to improve the automatic modes of rivals. Now, the defenders will be much more defensive, and they will not make things easy for us when trying to score a goal. We will even have the Matchday online mode, which will allow you to choose teams at the start of a weekly event to add points for the duration of the event.

The only thing missing is to cross fingers to release a beta that allows us play PES 2020 for mobile as soon as possible, because the game points ways. How will FIFA respond?

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