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Pokmon Masters takes you to cooperative multiplayer games from now on

A new adventure arrives in the Pokémon world with Pokémon Masters, developed and published by DeNA and with 3-on-3 fights in the so-called World Pokémon Masters. One of the most anticipated releases of the year and that will surely be played by millions of players worldwide.

A game in which you have to evolve your Pokémon, complete the adventures that await you and face recognized Coaches. Nor is the multiplayer missing and that will be the spearhead for a new title that comes to Android very well designed at all levels.

Create your team of three Coaches

From the first moment you launch Pokémon Masters you will realize that everything is perfectly designed and designed to recreate a great gaming experience. It is translated into Spanish with subtitles and you can change the voices between English and Japanese; We recommend the second to be before the real experience even if you do not know anything.

Pokémon Masters

The objective is create the best team of three coaches and go leveling them up as well as getting new skills that take you to the combat ground. The fight like this is very dynamic and will almost not give us time to think about the movements to follow, so we have to be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of the opposing team.

Pokémon Masters on Android

Each of our Coaches will be determined by the basis of your skills. If the enemy is weak in water, what better way to use our Trainer specialized in that matter. We must have a series of Coaches for each subject and thus use them as recommended at the beginning of the game, as it will make the big difference between victory and defeat.

Real-time cooperative fighting in Pokémon Masters

Multiplayer mode will take us in the face of cooperative fighting to enjoy our friends around the planet. In this way we will be lucky to be able to cooperate in frantic fighting in which we will vitiate with other players in order to defeat the enemy.


A multiplayer that will be activated as we go advancing in story mode and that is divided into a series of chapters that will take us to the presentation of each one of the Trainers and the Pokémon world. The truth that here DeNA has done a great job to get us fully into the stories of the Pokémon universe. Although we have the option of being able to pass them on, we remain to know those emotional ties that will help us to better understand their exciting stories.

Evolve Pokémon

And although we have all the excellence of DeNA and Nintendo, we are facing a freemium full-fledged to see what pay to win it is. Anyway, to play it until we understand that we have to get the card to progress more quickly, we can perfectly move on to another game. If you are one of those who do not do freemium, you better not even try, since it is everywhere.

Normalizing the freemium

The problem with these games, divinely designed in the mobile, is that they take the players as the Pied Piper to normalize the freemium. New generations who do not know what has always been the premium, they will understand that it is the norm to play and play until you have to throw a card or move on to another game.


Turning to the technical, more than outstanding at all levels with some fights full of effects, very worked animations and dynamism everywhere to be in real time. It is not in turns, so do not hesitate and get straight to the point by the opponents.

A highly anticipated title that will be played by thousands, but that is not lacking in the freemium. Pokémon Masters arrives to drag thousands of players into its bosom to know the adventures that await you with the Pokémon. A title that must be played even if you do not go freemium.

Editor's Opinion

Pokémon Masters

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating


  • Great design at all levels
  • Own and unique gaming experience
  • Real-time combat


  • The downloads that occur

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