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Pokmon Masters reaches 10 million downloads in just one week

Pokemon Masters

Very sweet moments. So we could define the current situation of the most important sagas of Nintendo. Not only titles like Fire Emblem or Pokmon GO are some of the most played and downloaded on iOS and Android platforms, but also other titles of the great N are becoming authentic balls.

An example is Dr. Mario World, and the plumber's title has reached 8 million downloads in its first month of life. But it's not the only Nintendo game that enjoys good health, since Pokmon Masters, the game where we compete to be the best coach in the world, aims to burst all records so far registered.

10 million downloads in just… a week!

Fighting in Pokmon Masters

As we can read in VentureBeat, Pokmon Masters has only been available for a week to download on Android and iOS devices and its downloads are already counted by millions. Specifically 10.

For many analysts, as well as for the players themselves, the success of Pokmon Masters compared to others of the titles of Pikachu and company, is that on this occasion we dispense with the fact of having to capture and breed Pokmon and dedicate ourselves directly to what else we like, fight against other coaches in intense 3-on-3 battles.

Many of us at Andro4all are giving the game hard and although we don't like some situations, such as abusive microtransactions, we have prepared many articles where we teach you to be the best coaches. Because becoming a champion is not a path of roses.

Anyway, if Pokmon is not one of your favorite sagas, as of September 25 Reach Mario Kart Tour mobile devices. So that later they say that mobile games are not a serious thing …

Have you tried Pokmon Masters? What do you think? Tell us in the comments

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