OPPO F11 Pro analysis: a great camera for the mid-range?

OPPO F11 Pro analysis: a great camera for the mid-range?

With its 48 megapixel camera and its pop-up camera, the OPPO F11 Pro is a mid-range smartphone that offers some functions normally reserved for the high-end segment. Although it is a great device for the price it has and has scored many points in its favor, there is still something that does not convince …


  • ✓Frameless display
  • ✓Design
  • ✓Pop-up camera
  • ✓Audiovisual experience
  • ✓Quick Charge (VOOC 3.0)
  • ✓Good autonomous


  • ✕Micro-USB port
  • ✕Photographic quality
  • ✕Slippery
  • ✕Without IP certification

A competitive price

Presented on March 5, the OPPO F11 Pro is the worthy successor of the F9 Pro and remains in the same price range, that is, just over 300 euros. Unfortunately it is not available in Europe and at the moment there is no release date in the Old Continent. On the other hand, if you want to buy it at any price, it is available in Southeast Asia, the Middle East or North Africa. For example, for 24,999 rupees, the equivalent of about 320 euros, can be imported from India.

androidpit oppo f11 pro volume buttons
The OPPO F11 Pro depends heavily on its cameras. / AndroidPIT

A beautiful evolution

In terms of design, there have been many changes since the OPPO F9 Pro.
The element that struck me immediately was this almost frameless screen, which got rid of the notch to accommodate a retractable camera. The different colors of the smartphone, in addition, definitely attract attention.
It is available in two colors: Thunder Black, with black and purple highlights, and Aurora Green, a blue / green with attractive highlights.

Another change with respect to the previous model is the position of the photographic module on the back of the smartphone. The two cameras were in the upper left corner in the OPPO F9 Pro. In this case, everything is concentrated in the central part of the device: you start observing from the upper back and you find the photographic module, with the flash followed by the two objectives, just below is the fingerprint reader, followed by a phrase (always vertically) "Designed by OPPO", which gives way to Brand logo at the bottom. This creates a line that divides the phone in two, giving the image of a kind of boundary between the blue reflections on the left and the green ones on the right.

androidpit oppo f11 pro full back
The back of this OPPO is divided into two parts separated by a kind of vertical boundary. / AndroidPIT

Overall, I will say that the design of the OPPO F11 Pro is great for the price. The finish is very good, but I still criticize the Chinese manufacturer who has opted for a material that is a bit too slippery, which means that when you didn't use the protective case, the phone regularly slipped from my hands. Another aspect that I did not like very much is the screen raised slightly by the frame that gives the phone a more "plump" appearance.

A screen with almost no frame

This is one of the great strengths of this smartphone: the borderless screen.
When removing the notch, OPPO offers in its F11 Pro a screen / front surface ratio of 90.9%, which is fantastic for a mid-range product, especially because
The IPS screen is large, very large: 6.5 inches. This makes it an ideal companion to watch your series on Netflix or play.

androidpit oppo f11 pro display
OPPO F11 Pro has a body-screen ratio of 90.9% / AndroidPIT

Its resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels (397 dpi) is excellent. The colors are quite surprising, the intense blacks, the bright reds and the deep blues, so the video view is very pleasant on this smartphone and the AI ​​adjusts the brightness relatively well. I am sorry that it is a little difficult to read when I am on the street, in these bright days.

Unfortunately I have to pull OPPO's ears for lack of an oleophobic treatment (or poor quality of it) on this screen. Fingerprints are easily trapped and make it harder to see the contents in the sun.

ColorOS is part of the menu

On board the OPPO F11 Pro, we find the usual skin customized by the Chinese brand: ColorOS 6. This interface, presented in 2018 on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of OPPO, was designed for smartphones with small screens and, therefore, adapts perfectly to this device.

Based on Android 9, ColorOS 6 offers its own navigation gestures, which are very easy to learn and quick to use. For example, you can take a screenshot by sliding three fingers down on the activated screen or directly access the camera by tracing an "O" on the deactivated screen.

On the graphic side, the interface is very well maintained.
OPPO wanted to focus on a very colorful user experience, hence the name. Despite the immaculate white base, there are touches of color in all preinstalled applications.

Performance: we expected more

With a good design, a decent battery and cutting-edge photographic features, there has to be a hidden commitment somewhere in this F11 Pro. Of course, it's about performance.
I'm not saying they are catastrophic, let's just say they are suitable for a mid-range phone. Neither more nor less.

Under the cap, we find a Helio P70 processor. Far from being the best on the market today, it is enough for a typical user who does not care much about performance and just wants to take decent photos and have a good battery life. When it comes to keeping all the photos taken wasted, the average user will be happy because the OPPO F11 Pro has 128GB of memory and the possibility of adding an SD card.