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OnPipe is one of the best casuals of the year for Android

OnPipe is one of those titles that we come to love and hate for two reasons. One is because its gameplay is more than excellent and addictive, and the other is because it is an infested title of commercials.

What is the best solution? Then pull the deactivation of the data and the WiFi To play without those annoying ads in a casual that it really is a great pleasure to throw one game after another. You have the option of a € 2.09 micropayment, but there are many players who finally prefer to avoid that payment by deactivating the Internet connection.

As if it were a corn cob

Surely you will have seen on YouTube some video of those in which one take a corn cob and manages to remove all the corn kernels to produce a great sense of taste. And it is here right where you hit this game called OnPipe.


Practically what we have to do is to press on the screen to go to re-grating all those corn grains so that in some moments we stop pressing the screen and thus we do not collide with the obstacles that we will encounter. Is this the OnPipe gameplay with which it is shown that there are still thousands of ideas to satisfy the addictive minds of the players.

If at first it will seem that we are leaving a corn cob without grain, the following levels will go through all kinds of fruits such as a pineapple or strawberries to produce more than pleasant visual effects. So we are going to have a pipe destroying without stopping in a game more than addictive.

The simple thing about OnPipe is the best thing you have

OnPipe is based on a simple and addictive gameplay which is easy to control and has different variables to tear apart all these objects. We also highlight those visual effects in which the physics of objects makes their own with different polygonal objects and that can be both corn grains and other foods.


So far everything perfect with this game that, although it has a single micropayment, there are still many players who put their mobile in airplane mode to avoid that invasive advertising that becomes too heavy. It is not the first time nor will it be the last time we put the shout in the sky with games that have very good spells, but that spoil them with that freemium model in which the publicity premium or in which the energy has to recover in order to play .

In this case OnPipe has put the payment of 2.09 euros in order to prevent players from removing the connection, although if there were not so much publicity, it would surely not have the effect of having to remove it. And surely in half he would double his income.

The hard of freemium

Be that as it may, OnPipe is a great casual with a great idea that does not get pass the 4 points on average due to the crowded advertisements. If they optimized a little better the cost of removing the ads and not putting so many, surely they would get more players to install it with a percentage of them paying the euro that would be worth paying. Remember that we are facing a casual.


Technically stands out for its ways and for its visual effects. The environment is perfect for such a title and the different levels are appreciated with different objects to be torn apart. Graphically, it is very cool and is capable of engaging hopelessly in playing one game after another.