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Not only Amazon: Google also listens to your conversations

A report by a Belgian broadcaster revealed that Google employees are also paid to listen and transcribe the audio clips collected by Google Assistant. After the Amazon scandal, it was almost inevitable that the great G would do the same …

Once again we discover that our interactions with vocal assistants are not as private as we would like to believe. Earlier this year, Bloomberg revealed similar details about Amazon, explaining how audio clips recorded by Echo devices are sent to employees so they can easily listen to them without users knowing.

Today's news mainly refers to Google Assistant and has been published by the Dutch chain VRT NWS, which wants to denounce that this practice is particularly unfair, especially since most of the recordings are made by mistake.

AndroidPIT google home mini review 3249
Remember that you can always deactivate the microphone on your Google homepage. / AndroidPIT

Technology companies say that the sending of recordings to their employees is an essential process to improve their voice recognition technology, noting that only a small percentage of clips are shared (only 0.2% according to a Google spokesperson) .

However, this does not prevent the company from knowing the personal issues of users and, in addition, the Google Home privacy policy page does not mention the use of such data by the company at all.

According to Michael Veale, a researcher in privacy technology at the Alan Turing Institute in London, this level of disclosure may not meet the standards established by the regulations introduced by the EU in May 2018, the so-called GDPR. And it won't be the first time, right, Google?

Are you worried about this type of use of your recordings by tech giants?

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