Nintendo Switch prepares a Wii Fit style sport accessory

Nintendo Switch prepares a Wii Fit style sport accessory

At the time, the Japanese manufacturer surprised the market by launching Wii Fit. A product to keep you fit, and that was a real boost in sales. Although, why deny everything related to Nintendo Wii was a real success. And now, it seems that the entertainment giant wants to repeat play with a new gadget that will arrive very soon Nintendo Switch.

Taking advantage of yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the Japanese giant took the opportunity to publish a video that showed a curious gadget to be our best ally to exercise. They have not wanted to show in the video any type of related game, but we have been able to get to the idea of ​​what to go this New accessory for the Nintendo Switch.

How to operate the new accessory for sports with the Nintendo Switch

As we told you, in this Nintendo Switch ad, we can't see anything related to the games that will allow you to use this new gadget. But, there is one thing that is clear: is the direct successor of Nintendo Wii Fit.

From what we have seen, this curious device has two pieces: on the one hand there is a flexible ring that is where the Joy-Con is inserted. This gadget has handles around the circumference to perform controller functions. On the other hand, there is a strap that is placed on the leg and is where the second Joy-Con is located. Exactly, it is a fact that this new successor of the Wii Fit not be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch accessory

In the video, we can see users from all over the world trying this fun Nintendo Switch accessory. And, it is clear that it will serve to practice a lot of exercise. Regarding the first gadget, its sphere-like shape allows you to tighten or expand it. In addition, you can use it with your hands or legs, depending on the exercise you want the game to perform.

Nintendo Switch

You should also jump, run. Let's go that physical activity will not be missing with this evolution of the Nintendo Wii Fit. And the leg strap? Its mechanism seems to be quite similar, although in this case focused on performing exercises with the lower train.

In this way, we can perform different really fun leg exercises. Surely, there will be a good number of mini-games that encourage you to bite with your friends to get the highest score possible. For now, this has only been a video to warm up engines. But, next September 12, the Japanese manufacturer will show us all the details of this interesting toAccessory for the Nintendo Switch.