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Nexus 9, contact and first impressions

That time of year has come, the dates on which Google starts sending the new Nexus to those who have looked forward to the latest tablet or smartphone designed by the American giant that with the promise of updates almost for life and instantly has already conquered many.

We already have a Nexus 9 with us, the new 8.9-inch tablet from Google manufactured by HTC. Those of you waiting for Nexus 6 you will have to endure a little more, and it seems that the Google smartphone is going to take something more. This time it seems that the management of HTC is being very good, we will have to wait to see what happens with Motorola, which for now we have almost no news in terms of distribution.

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<p>The first thing we want to make clear about this first contact is that it is simply that, a contact. We just got the<strong> Nexus 9</strong> and we only have first impressions, but we are so excited with this tablet in our hands that we could not wait to share it with you.</p>
<p>And the second thing we have to make clear is that this is the <strong>first part of the contact</strong>, because for now we can only tell hardware details, nothing about the software, since the activations will not be done until this afternoon, at which time we will update the information by talking more about the new version of Android.</p>
<h2>Review of technical characteristics</h2>
<p>For those of you who have been slightly out of play with the <strong>news from Google and HTC</strong>, here you have a quick review of the main <strong>technical characteristics of the Nexus 9</strong>:</p>
<li>8.9 ″ IPS LCD display with resolution 2048 × 1536 pixels, double touch to wake up (281ppi)</li>
<li>Gorilla Glass 3</li>
<li>NVIDIA Logan 64-bits (Tegra K1)</li>
<li>2GB RAM</li>
<li>6700mAh battery with fast charging (not wireless)</li>
<li>16 / 32GB storage</li>
<li>8MP OIS f / 2.4 rear camera</li>
<li>1.6MP front camera</li>
<li>Front speakers</li>
<li>228.3 × 153.7 × 7.95mm and 425 grams of weight</li>
<li>LTE option</li>
<li>Android 5.0 Lollipop</li>
<p>As you see everything quite pointer, highlighting that the screen is 2K and have left behind 4K (perhaps it is on the tablets where we can take more advantage), and being the first Android tablet that has a 64-bit processor.</p>
<p><img class=Factory Image Nexus 9 LRX21L

What do you think about new Nexus 9?

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