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New iPhone, and now what?

iphone xs

One more week we return with the batteries charged. As every Thursday comes a new episode of Connecting, the only podcast dedicated exclusively to the world of Android. But as we all like technology and we must always keep an eye on what the competition does, in our first episode of September We will talk about the new iPhone that the Cupertino company will present next week and how they will affect Android and other brands.

Although the price of Apple phones is far from those we recommend in the podcast last week –200 euros or less–, Apple and its keynote are always news, especially since their phones dominate up to half of the market for premium devices. Is your iPhone XI up to par?

New iPhone, should other brands be afraid? Discover it in our new episode of Connecting

iPhone XR

And for them today we will be accompanied by ngel Roca, editor at iPadizate, the best news web portal to be aware of all the news in the world Apple with which we will talk about not only the new iPhone, but also iOS 13, the Apple ecosystem, why users of the bitten apple are so loyal to the brand and how this keynote will affect the rest of the companies.

An interesting episode that you can miss and although we do not talk on this occasion directly about Android, it's always good to have the competition really close And watched.

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