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A Motorola phone is filtered with a pop-up front camera

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During the IFA 2019 fair Motorola He presented his first phone with cudruple rear cameras: the Motorola One Zoom. Now begin to arise renders of another phone to be the "first" in the Moto line: an unnamed Motorola phone with a screen design no notches, thanks to the implementation of a pop-up front camera module.

Filtered images of the first Motorola with pop-up camera

The images come from the boys of XDA Developers. They say the images were obtained from a very reliable source, and that these were edited to eliminate possible identification information that affected its source. The images reveal that this nameless Motorola does not have any notch, clipping or perforation on its screen to achieve its design. The upper, left and right bezels are all thin; but nevertheless the lower bezel It is a little bigger than the rest.

The screen has rounded corners but stays flat. There are no images from the back, so You can't know if the phone will have a classic fingerprint reader on the back, or if it would be integrated into the screen with the recent Motorola One Zoom or the Motorola One Action. There is also no images of the lock screen or the ambient screen, so you can't be sure at the moment about this.

You can see what it seems to be a thin speaker on the upper bezel, but you cannot define if you have another speaker. The phone seems to be running the Motorola Android customization instead of pure Android through the Android One program, so it is probably not a “Motorola One” device. It is also expected an Android One version as expected of the One Zoom.

However, the most important thing is the image on this paragraph. This confirms the presence of a pop-up front camera. Unlike most phones with an emerging camera, the new Motorola he places it on the right side of the upper bevel. We can see a red dye surrounding the emerging component, hinting that this phone It has a red back cover.

There are no details about the possible specifications to have this mysterious Motorola. It could end up being a Moto G8 Plus or the next device on the Moto Z line. We will be aware of the new information that comes around.


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