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Motorola One Vision analysis: everything is fine, except a big mistake

At the time, the first Motorola One, launched in 2018, received a very warm response. Despite its success, the mid-range device offered a package that was simply acceptable. This year, however, Motorola decided to renew its product, offering a better finish, more useful technology and some new features. Between the first One and the One Vision there is an abyss, so let's take a look at the news.


  • Solid performance
  • Clean and fast Android One software
  • Good design and quality finish
  • Moto gestures are still very good


  • 21: 9 format incompatible with camera hole
  • Little autonomous
  • Mediocre chamber

Best offer: Motorola One Vision

Cheapest price

A fair price, at least in Europe

The Motorola One Vision is available to reserve it now and costs 299.00 euros for the version of 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Those who have placed their order before June 1 will receive a pair of Motorola VerveBuds 500 wireless headphones for free.

Motorola adopts 2019 design trends

If you observe the Motorola One Vision, what you will see is a grout made with pieces of other smartphones that are having success in the market, such as those of Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei. The mobile that I tried was "gradient sapphire blue". The color tones are more visible through the reflections on the back, which form elegant lines and contours.

androidpit motorola one vision buttons
The sides of the back are curved. / AndroidPIT

Despite the screen with a ratio of 21: 9, the One Vision fits perfectly in the hand, for two reasons: reduction of the front bezels and curvature of the rear sides. Of course, reaching all points of the screen with one hand is not easy, but the phone operation is comfortable thanks to the navigation function with a Moto Actions button. This function allows you to slide in different directions on the home button, which means you can navigate through your phone without having to reach the top of the screen.

Fortunately, Motorola removed the logo that is only at the bottom of the screen of its devices and now the edges are thinner. The sensors of the rear camera are stacked in a
prominent frame
, followed by the horizontal LED flash. There is also a biometric fingerprint sensor on the back with the Motorola logo, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C port, a mono speaker and physical power and volume buttons.

androidpit motorola one vision bottom speaker usb c
USB type C and a mono speaker at the bottom. / AndroidPIT

The first Motorola One hit the market with a wide notch at the top of the screen, while the Moto G7 series brought a more compact version with the popular drop format. The One Vision offers a "hole" in the upper right corner of the screen, similar to the Galaxy S10.

This is the most discreet option to "hide" the front camera (apart from a retractable camera), but it is also one of the worst design options I've seen on a smartphone for a while. I will elaborate more on this subject in the section on the screen. For those who have problems with devices that use glass lining, Motorola includes a silicone cover in the One Vision case.

androidpit motorola one vision front camera
The screen features a design with hole for the front camera. / AndroidPIT

A disconcerting decision that I can't understand

Motorola joins Sony to switch to a screen with a
21: 9 ratio
, which is a favorite of Hollywood film directors and producers. The advantages of this screen format are numerous. For example, you can read long texts and conversations without having to scroll too much on the screen. The Android Pie split screen mode is also another function that adds more value to this format.

Although the screen is more extended than other formats, such as the traditional 16: 9 or 18: 9, the content displayed on the Motorola One Vision screen is not distorted. The perforated part of the screen does not overlap with the system interface and applications (at least some of them) that do not occupy 100% of the screen surface. There are some exceptions such as videos, games, Google Maps, etc. In these cases, the hole is noticeable, especially because the edge around the lens is huge.

androidpit motorola one vision hero
Long and narrow, that is the 21: 9 format. / AndroidPIT

Among the screen settings, there are three predefined color profiles: natural, reinforced and saturated. The one I liked the most is the reinforced one. Keeps colors vivid and balanced highlighting sharpness. For games, however, the "saturated" option may be the best.

The Motorola One Vision LCD screen is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this mobile, with deep whites and well-represented dark tones. It is clear that, for a device that bets on the screen, OLED technology will be better, but the LCD is suitable for the product price range and other competitors in the market.

In the Sony Xperia, we liked the 21: 9 format a lot, but Motorola has completely ruined it with the hole in the screen. They are two design options that contradict each other. This is what happens when manufacturers try to put too many "flagship features" into a device without taking into account user experience.

Motogestos are still great

One Vision may work with very clean Android software, but there are still the peculiarities of Motorola and the small touches in the operating system. And that is a good thing. The Moto Actions and Moto Display functions offer small but useful gestures that become automatic after using the phone for a while. The Peek Display function is very good, and I got so used to Quick Capture that I ended up taking my Google Pixel and tried twice quickly to open the camera application …

moto display moto actions
Moto Actions and Moto Display features are great. / AndroidPIT

Three years of pure Android

As part of the program
Android One
, the Motorola One Vision is ideal for those who care about long-term software stability. In addition to Moto functions, such as Moto Display and Moto Actions, the photographic application has been adapted by the manufacturer to perform the most important functions of the camera. The software is very similar to the one found in Google Pixel smartphones. I have tried the One Vision together with a Pixel 3a and the use of both devices has been quite similar.

motorola one visions screenshot1
The Motorola One Vision interface is very similar to that of a pure Android. / AndroidPIT

According to Motorola, the One Vision has guaranteed updates to Android Q and R, in addition to three years of monthly security updates starting this June. Among the exclusive features of Android is Digital Wellness, which helps you control and manage how much you use your device.

Applications run without modifications in the 21: 9 format. There are few distortions and the applications are well adapted to the screen, which is narrower and taller. There are features that make it easy to operate the system with one hand, although sometimes this mode is not the most efficient, and not all applications are compatible.

motorola one visions screenshot2
The 21: 9 aspect ratio screen allows you to see more content and get more out of split screen mode. / AndroidPIT

The audio comes with the built-in Dolby Audio technology. There is no dedicated sound equalizer, but adaptable profiles that optimize playback between cinema, music and an intelligent mode.

A new processor for new functions

The rumors were true: the Motorola One Vision is the first Motorola smartphone that carries a
Samsung Exynos processor
. It is an unusual choice, but one that Motorola executives deemed necessary to meet the artificial intelligence capabilities of the system and the new camera software. The company has also confirmed that the Exynos 9609 of this device is a newly launched processor, which is equivalent in performance to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series.

At least among Galaxy smartphones in Europe, Exynos processors offer good performance and good battery life, even when running with the One UI user interface, which is considerably more complex than Android One Pie. We also have 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

androidpit motorola one vision android one
Android One means that a very clean version of Android is used. / AndroidPIT

The truth is that I have no complaints about the performance of the Motorola One Vision. It is a sensation that I always have with Android One devices, but without a doubt, clean software helps mid-range phones offer almost impeccable performance in everyday use. One Vision will only resent it if you take it to the limit with games or split screen mode. You can see the results of the benchmark tests below.

Motorola One Vision: benchmark results

Google Pixel 3a
Motorola One Vision
Nokia 8.1
3D Mark Sling Shot ES 3.1181313361830
3D Mark Sling Shot Volcano174713651745
3D Mark Sling Shot ES 3.0264717562688
3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited269452302528942
Geekbench 4 (Single / Multi)1494/59121607/52341837/5934
Passport Mark Memory124561294512509
Passport Mark Disk540766513651940

Good camera on paper, but in real life …

The Motorola One Vision proposes to do more precise work in terms of photography using the sensor resolution differently. The camera on the back is a dual configuration, with a
48MP sensor
(f / 1.7) and 5MP (f / 2.2), and optical stabilization helps ensure clearer, less blurry or blurry images.

The software does not generate 48MP images due to Quad Pixel technology that combines four pixels in one of them, creating a 12MP photo. The idea of ​​this organization is to merge layers with exhibitions, details, colors and different constructions to obtain a more balanced final result. In fact, at first glance, the Motorola One Vision camera looks very promising in this regard.

androidpit motorola one vision dual camera
Sony's famous 48MP sensor is used in the rear camera. / AndroidPIT

Motorola has not renewed the interface of its camera application, but it has incorporated some additions, such as automatic scene detection that uses artificial intelligence. The software recognizes objects or faces in the scene and recommends the best mode according to the situation.

Of course, night mode is the most interesting function of the camera. This mode captures and combines different photos with different exposures to eliminate noise, blur and distortion. The ultimate goal is to add light to the scenes without optimal lighting. Then you can see the results with your own eyes. The night mode jack is on the right:

The second rear sensor, a 5MP, also works to optimize night vision, but its main objective is depth detection to provide a more professional background blur mode. In the case of the 25MP front camera (f / 2.0), the retro effect is offered with software processing. In the application of the camera, there are tools for selective focus, black and white background and other effects and features.

Here are a couple of photo examples I took with Night Vision. They're fine, I guess, but this isn't in the same league as what Huawei and Google are doing on the P30 and Pixel phones.

IMG 20190514 202414848
IMG 20190514 202419698
With and without night mode. / AndroidPIT

Overall, the performance of the One Vision camera is fine and many users will be satisfied with the price of the device. The portrait mode is really good. However, now pampering there are other manufacturers that are taking more advantage of the Sony 48MP sensor. Once again, we have learned that software is what counts when it comes to photography with smartphones.

Enough battery for one day

The Motorola One Vision battery has a
3,500 mAh capacity
and promises to offer a smooth day of use. In the box, there is a 15W charger that can offer up to seven hours of use with only 15 minutes of charging. The Exynos offers a relatively good energy efficiency compared to other processors, and the battery life is sufficient for one day. The days of intensive use suffer. At the Formula E event in Berlin, where I took a lot of photos, audio and video recording and us Slack and WhatsApp constantly to communicate with the office, I had about 25% of the battery left at 7:00 p.m. after starting the day with A full charge.

Motorola One Vision – Technical Specifications

Dimensions:Weight:Battery Size:Screen Size:Screen Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Flash:Android version:RAM:Internal memory:Removable Memory:Number of cores:Speed:Connectivity:
160.1 x 71.2 x 8.7 mm
180 gr
3500 mAh
6.3 inches
2520 x 1080 pixels (435 ppi)
25 megapixels
48 megapixels
9 – Foot
128 GB
micro SD
2.2 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Dual-SIM, Bluetooth 5.0

Final verdict

There is a large user base that is no longer satisfied with what the Moto G series offers each year, or with the Moto Z line. The Motorola One Vision comes with the goal of offering the most demanding users an option within the portfolio of the company that serves the main market trends with small innovations.

The phone is loaded with modern trends, but it is also the biggest weakness of Motorola One Vision. The perforation on a 21: 9 screen makes no sense to me. Why would you want to see 21: 9 happy with an obstruction? The objective of this telephone is to open a space where the brand can offer new features, innovations and experiences to a public who wants to have access to the best product at a reasonable price, and in most cases, it is fine. But the insistence of getting into as many popular tricks as possible has led to each end of the smartphone.

The retail price in the United Kingdom is not exactly in the low range of the mid-range, but it is still quite attractive for what the phone offers.

So what do you think of Motorola One Vision?

Motorola One Vision

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