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Minecraft Earth now available in beta for Android

Minecraft Earth video

At the beginning of the year, the Microsoft guys officially presented what would be a new version of Minecraft based on augmented reality, a video that pointed very good ways and that could become a new bombshell in the world of video games. It should be remembered that Minecraft, despite its time, remains one of the most popular games on streaming platforms.

The guys from Microsoft have just launched the first beta of Minecraft Earth for Android, in case you had the opportunity to sign up for the beta program, it is likely that in the next few days have the opportunity to download the beta and try what Minecraft will be with augmented reality.

If we don't sign up for the beta program and we want to be among the first to try the game, we can register through the Play Store to Get notified as soon as the game is available in the app store. At the moment there is no planned release date on Android, but once the registration phase is launched in the Play Store, the launch time is usually relatively short.

Today, the Microsoft guys still have the program open to sign up for the closed beta, through this link, although most likely be among the last to do it, so you have very little chance of being lucky and that you have access to the beta, let's be honest.

In order to be part of this registry, it is necessary that have a Microsoft or Xbox Live account. There is no need to pay at any time for an Xbox Live account, you just need to have a Microsoft account (Outloo, Hotmail …) and use it to sign up for Xbox.

In the description of the game we can read:

Discover a new dimension of Minecraft while creating, exploring and surviving in the real world. Join a community of builders and explorers that spans the entire planet, gathers resources for your constructions, works in augmented reality and then puts them at full size. You can even join others in mini-adventures!

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