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Map with all the pirate camps of Fortnite [Temporada 8]

Today the Fortnite season 8 and with it a new Battle Pass has arrived. Epic Games, in its plan to stop Apex Legends, has given it away to all the players who have loved it. And for them most of you today tennis a lot of challenges to complete. Here we want to help you by showing you a map with all the pirate camps of Fortnite.

Season 8 of the game has arrived full of news. Here we will not make an exhaustive detail of all of them but if you make a few games quickly you can see them. Mainly it has changed a lot the upper right corner of the map and the planes have been removed. The lobby's men have also varied significantly.

This is the map with the pirate camps of Fortnite

One of the challenges of the first week of season 8 is Visit all the pirate fields on the map. It seems that a set of privateers has arrived on Fortnite Island and they have established a total of seven bases scattered around the stage. Well, the challenge in question It only consists of approaching them.

You already know that we have been in ActualApp for several weeks We make our own maps. On this occasion we have spent several hours locating them. It was easy, really, we had a good time playing. Here tennis the map with everyone the pirate camps of Fortnite.

map with all fortnite pirate camps

As you can see they are well distributed throughout the map. With the disappearance of airplanes is almost impossible to visit them all in a single game. Not even using the zip lines that continue to allow us to move quickly through the island. Anyway, in a couple or three of games You will not have problems to complete the challenge.

What do you think of you? Has the map been useful to you with all the pirate camps of Fortnite? If tennis any problem finding one of the bases leave us a comment and we will help you. You already know that in ActualApp we love this game and we always make articles of this type. Long live Fortnite!