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Kirin 990 feature 5G natively incorporated

Kirin 990

A week ago it was announced that Kirin 990 was going to be officially presented at the IFA 2019. It is about Huawei's new high-end processor, which will probably be present in the Huawei Mate 30 and in the brand's folding phone, the Mate X. The expectation of this processor is maximum and the brand itself begins to promote it, revealing an important detail.

In Berlin there are already a series of posters on Kirin 990 hanging, which has revealed an important feature of the processor, which had been rumored weeks ago. The processor will come with 5G integrated natively. So it will be a high-end chip with native 5G.

When news emerged that claimed the brand would launch two high-end processors this year, it was speculated that one of them would come with integrated 5G natively Now it seems that Kirin 990 is chosen in this regard. So the presence of 5G in it is confirmed in this way.

Kirin 990 poster

Although so far no more details have been given. We will have to wait for its official presentation this Friday to know everything about this new processor of the Chinese brand. As will have an integrated 5G modem, although it is not known if it will be the Balong 5000 that we already know.

Kirin 990 will be this way the first processor to reach the market with having this 5G natively. The first to arrive, although not the first to be presented, since a few hours ago Samsung presented Exynos 980 officially, which has 5G natively. But it is not known when phones with this Korean brand chip will arrive.

Instead, everything suggests that will be the Huawei Mate 30 those who use Kirin 990. If true, we won't have to wait too long to meet them. Since a few days ago it was confirmed that this high-end will be presented on September 19 officially. So in two weeks we will leave doubts in any case.

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