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Kindle and other cheap ebook reader for Amazon's Back to School

We continue with the best offers of the online sales giant for the Vuelta al Cole. Yesterday we told you about the best cheap action cameras you can buy on Amazon, and now it's the turn of the e-book readers. And, now we have the family Kindle cheaper than ever, in addition to others ebook readers that you can take at the best price.

A technological product that is really useful. To start, you can carry your favorite book library, any ebook reader of this compilation is really light and, what is better, some members of the Amazon Kindle family They are at the best price. What else can you ask for?

Take advantage that Amazon Prime is free to buy the Kindle and other ebook reader on offer

Well, you can enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime without checking out. And, through this link you can try this service for free, ideal to take advantage of the Vuelta al Cole offers. Do not you think enough? Well, know that you can also enjoy the Amazon Prime Video content service on demand without having to checkout.

Kindle Paperwhite

Ebook Reader Kindle Paperwhite

The first model of this compilation with the best ebook reader on offer that you can buy on Amazon thanks to its promotion of La Vuelta al Cole, is the Kindle Paperwhite. A model that has a 6-inch electronic ink screen, ideal for enjoying electronic books comfortably.

In addition, it has integrated light to read at night without your eyes getting tired, a inexhaustible battery, 8 GB of internal memory (there is another version with 32 GB of storage). And, what is better, this electronic book reader is resistant to dust and water, so you can read in the pool or in the bathtub of your house.

Taking into account your discount, which leaves you for only 109.99 euros, is one of the Amazon best deals if you are looking for ebook readers at a good price.

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Second, we have the crown jewel within the range of Amazon ebook readers. And, the Kindle Oasis is a really complete model. Like the previous model, it has integrated light, in addition to resistance to dust and water. But, in this case we find a model that has a 7-inch screen, to read better than ever.

And, if we add to this your discount, which leaves the Kindle Oasis for 219.99 euros, is another of the best bargains if you are looking for a quality e-book reader.

Woxter reader ebook

Woxter Scriba 195

You have a tight budget, but you still don't want to miss the opportunity to buy an ebook reader at a good price for Amazon's Back to School offers? Do not hesitate and bet on the Woxter Scriba 195. A more decaffeinated model than Kindle, but to fulfill your needs.

Yes, it has no resistance to water or its own light, but its electronic ink display and diagonal of 6 inches allow you to enjoy your favorite books at the best price: it costs only 56.06 euros thanks to the 20 percent discount that it has for a limited time.

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