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iPhone 11 (XI): all the information confirmed at the moment

Apple's next iPhone seems to be ready to disappoint users, especially if we consider what we already know. However, if you are planning to buy an iPhone in 2019, here is everything that has been confirmed in these hours.

In a new report, Guilherme Rambo, an extremely reliable Apple expert, confirmed several important information about the three new iPhone models that will arrive at the end of 2019 and that, for a change, are not good news.

iphone xi leak 1
It seems that this is the definitive design / @OnLeaks & Digit

iPhone 11: All information confirmed

According to Rambo, those who could see the devices live confirm that the model numbers that will replace the current ones will be respectively: D42 for iPhone XS (iPhone12.3 in iOS code), D43 for iPhone XS Max (iPhone12.5) and N104 for iPhone XR (iPhone12.1). Unfortunately, the commercial names of the new family remain unknown today, but it seems to be confirmed that all three models will have the same screen (and the same resolution) as their predecessors with OLED panels and again LCD for the successor of XR.

Rambo has also identified the hardware to be present in the new iPhone and confirms the praised chipset A13 (code name "Cebu" and model number T8030). This A13, in addition to being more powerful, will have to feed the new technology reserved for the camera, called "Smart Frame", which will allow you to shoot out of the standard frame, in order to realign the crooked planes.

iphone 11 xi design
For the first time, an iPhone be equipped with a wide-angle sensor / Everything Apple Pro

Finally a wide angle sensor

As for the new triple camera design on the back of the D42 and D43 models, Rambo says the third objective is a wide-angle sensor, which will make its first appearance on an iPhone. Unfortunately, the new controversial design is also definitive.

To raise the morale of fans disappointed by the elimination of the beloved 3D Touch, Rambo says that the new iPhone will have a worthy replacement, called "leap haptics", and details about this new technology are scarce, but the informant says that being driven by a new type of Taptic Engine. Finally, if you were waiting for the arrival of a USB-C port and 5G connectivity, you can keep waiting: the Lightning port will survive another year, and there is still no room (and time) for Qualcomm modems.

Are you satisfied with the confirmed information?

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