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Instagram Stories generate almost half of the advertising revenue of this platform

Increase investment in advertising on Instagram StoriesBigstock

Instagram It has gone from being a simple app in which users share their photos to a large social media platform considered by most marketers as a fundamental tool for the communication business.

In a special way, Instagram Stories, are the aspect to which the marketing experts dedicate their time, energy and of course their budget, as a recent study by Marin Software shows, where the jump in the investment of their clients in the last quarter is evident.

During the first two quarters of 2019 the Instagram share within the total advertising expenditure in Facebook, the first remained at 19.5 percent and the second at 19.2 percent, after having grown steadily during 2018.

But nevertheless, where growth has taken a considerable leap is in the Instagram Stories share, whose percentage of investment was around 33.7 percent during the first quarter of 2019 of total spending on this platform and has now passed 45.1 percent during the second quarter.

Good clues

These data can be added to those obtained by Merkle over the second quarter of this year, which show that spending on Instagram among its customers has grown 85 percent year-on-year. Moreover, impressions on this platform increased by 208 percent year-on-year, while its CPM fell by 40 percent.

What makes them grow

You may wonder what are the factors that increase your Compartir like never before. Experts suggest that the links and highlights of Instagram Stories are factors that have managed to maintain and increase engagement in the audience. This while little by little this platform has become a direct selling tool. And although their CTR is similar to Instagram Feed, advertisers have noticed that the cost of Instagram Stories is significantly lower.

One more example that Facebook's strategy (owner of Instagram) to emphasize electronic commerce is going smoothly, as well as its plans to integrate more and more its different apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger). But also the success of Instagram will show that consumers prefer visual to written information when it comes to online shopping.


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