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Instagram double the amount of ads in your stories

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<p><strong>Instagram has become one of the most popular applications</strong> on Android It is expected that soon there will be numerous changes in the social network, which have already been revealed. Meanwhile, we are also working on introducing more ads in the social network. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that work is being done to integrate ads in the search tab. It will not be the only area.</p><div class=

Instagram stories will also have more ads. As several media have already revealed, Facebook works to double the amount of ads present in the stories of the social network. This amount will also be doubled among user posts.

This is something that is already being tested. Some users have seen how they got more ads in the stories Instagram, as well as in the feed, between the posts of the accounts they follow. From the social network they have said that it is something they are currently testing, without giving more details.

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<p>As they affirm from various media, the increase in ads on the social network <strong>will be effective before the end of the year</strong>. So over the next few weeks we will see how there are more ads in it. While Facebook continues to say that it is nothing definitive.</p>
<p>Although in part it is no surprise. Because the plans to increase the number of ads on Instagram have been known for months. It's a new <strong>Social network attempt to monetize this popular application</strong>. In addition, other company-owned applications, such as WhatsApp, will also integrate ads.</p>
<p>Therefore, we have to prepare for <strong>See more ads on Instagram these coming months</strong>. The amount will double, as several media have warned, so it is possible that in many cases the experience of using the application will not be the best. Bad news for many users, tired of so many ads.</p>
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