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IFA 2019 | Huawei introduced the Kirin 990, its most powerful chipset with 5G connectivity | Technology and science | Mobile

Huawei He exhibited his processor on Friday for a new high-end smart phone, while moving forward with his plans to launch the Mate 30, Despite the uncertainty about whether new phones can use the Android operating system and Google applications.

The Chinese tech giant promotes the Kirin 990 chipset As the first complete 5G system in a processr and describes it as a superior alternative to those of Qualcomm and Samsung, which they put 5G modems in 4G processors.

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"It is the world's most powerful 5G system in a processor. It is the world's most powerful 5G modem," said Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer business group, in a speech in Berlin.

The launch of the Kirin 990, manufactured with the latest 7-nanometer production process, at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin It is part of a carefully structured gradual advance to present Mate 30 internationally September 19 in Mnich.

However, Huawei sources say that it is not yet known if the Mate 30 could run the services of Google, Alphabet unit, after the US government added the Chinese company to a blacklist in May.

That ban cleared five percentage points of Huawei's market share in Europe.

The second manufacturer of smart phones globally seeks to recover land as the deployment of ultra-fast 5G networks motivates a cycle of updating devices among consumers who have kept their phones for longer. People need new phones to take advantage of the download speeds promised by the 5G technology.

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