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I speak Thiago Lapp, the boy who was fifth in the Fortnite World Cup

Thiago Lapp spoke about his experience at the first Fortnite world championship, where he was fifth

Thiago Lapp is 13 years old and found himself in the middle of a sort of medical storm at the end of July,
when he was fifth in the first Fortnite world tournament in solo competition, and received 900 thousand dollars in prizes (plus another 50 thousand for his participation in the competition in pairs with Tadeo Timmermann).

Besieged by the press, his father Ramn preferred the low profile for the family and avoided the statements upon his return to the country. But now Thiago Lapp joined the Argentine team of professional gamers 9z, and in a promotional video I told Frankkaster, the founder of
9z, who won the national competition of the League of Legends (LoL) video game ten days ago and secured a place in the LoL world championship.

Thiago "King" Lapp talks about his time at the Fortnite World Tournament


In dialogue with Frankkaster, Thadeo Lapp said that after the tournament his life did not change too much: he keeps getting up every day at 7.30 am to go to school (where except for a couple of friends no one relates him to the boy who won almost a million dollars in a video game) and still interested in competing professionally: "I started thinking about being professional when I was about to qualify, and from there I started thinking about it as my project for the next few years."

Frankkaster consults what many ask him: what to do with the prize money (which is already
away from the million dollars, after withholding taxes): "buy a house for my family and many lollipops," he said.
Today he lives with his dad and his five brothers in Talar de Pacheco.

Thiago said he started playing Counter Strike in his various variants at age 9 and then went to Fornite when he appeared in 2017; He was attracted to the possibility of making constructions in the game, a feature that distinguishes Fortnite from other Battle Royale video games, and supported the presence of the wicks, giant robots that some Fortnite players consider an excessive presence in the game.

Frankkaster asked him how he sat at the Arthur Ashe stadium, where 20 thousand people watched the competition (and another 2 million follow it online): "I just focused on my screen, and thought I was playing at home; and run, as I always do, "he said.


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