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Huawei HarmonyOS also reach smartwatches and laptops

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<p>Huawei introduced its operating system for smartphones called<strong> HarmonyOS </strong>earlier this month. Although this was in development for some years, its launch was accelerated due to the measures that Donald Trump's cabinet took against the Chinese manufacturer several months ago due to the alleged espionage ties he has with the Chinese government , which withdrew … in part.</p><div class=

HarmonyOS is projected to be a great competition for Android, as well as for Apple's iOS. In the medium or long term, it is possible that you take away an important market share from these established operating systems. The interesting thing is that it was thought that it was only going to be launched for mobile phones, but it seems that it will not only be exclusive for these terminals, but also for smart watches and laptops.

In a recent development, Peter Gauden, Huawei's Senior Global Product Manager, has described the company's new HarmonyOS as "an operating system for the future." He announced that it will also be launched on laptops and smartwatches, although it would reach these terminals in different and adapted ways as we will find it on smartphones, of course.

Huawei Watch GT Active and Watch GT Elegant

Huawei Watch GT Active and Watch GT Elegant

The statement was provided in an information session on the new software in London, United Kingdom. There he talked about the potential of this software to connect different devices and others of its sections.

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HarmonyOS has not yet been installed on any phone or other terminal of the company. It is suggested that he will soon debut in some product, but it is not known with certainty in which or when. The executive, to feed the expectations of this given information, revealed that some smartwatches and laptops could be the first terminals to serve as home for this operating system. This is something we are about to see. Soon we will be seeing what the Chinese firm has prepared for us with this OS.

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