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Huawei announces FreeBuds 3 headphones and Kirin A1 chip »ERdC

Huawei announces FreeBuds 3 headphones and Kirin A1 chip

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Huawei announced a new version of their wireless headphones today at the IFA 2019 technology fair in Berlin. It's about the new FreeBuds 3 with TWS format. The headphones not only have a new design, but also they release a new chipset of own development called as Kirin A1

New Kirin A1 processor

Huawei follows in the footsteps of Apple, whose first and second generation AirPods use the W1 and H1 chips respectively. The Chinese giant develops your own chipset intended for its device ecosystem.

The Kirin A1 is a ultra low power processor which offers capabilities of Advanced Bluetooth and powerful audio. This is the first portable chipset it offers Bluetooth 5.1 and Bluetooth 5.1 LE of the world.

Wireless Headphones FreeBuds 3

The TWS format FreeBuds 3 headphones feature a new design that Huawei calls "Dolphin Bionic", which gets its name from being inspired by the vocal cavity of a dolphin. The box is also different, circular like a perfectly round stone with a glossy finish.

Advantages of the Kirin A1 chip

As we mentioned, the new headphones are responsible for brand new the Kirin A1 chip. Huawei promises a low latency and low energy consumption, since headphones use what is called a ischronous Bluetooth connection dual channel. Each headset is paired with the phone on a separate channel, instead of one being the master while the other is the slave in some headphones.

Noise cancellation

Huawei continues to boast of technological achievements and milestones and states that FreeBuds 3 are the world's first headphones with open-set active noise cancellation, with a reduction of ambient noise up to 15 decibels. The SEO sensor returns and works with the microphone conduit for noise cancellation, thus offering a crystal conversation When making calls.

It also has a 190ms latency, which makes it perfect for games avoiding delays with the image. The noise cancellation can also be adjusted with a complementary application.


The FreeBuds 3 headphones feature a Battery life of up to 4 hours of audio playback. This can be done. extend to 20 hours if we count the autonomy of the charging case. The case is said to support fast charging speeds both wireless and cable.

Price and availability

Huawei did not announce a price. However, he says to be available next month in Europe and cost less than 199 dollars of Apple AirPods. Come in color variants black and white

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