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How to update my Huawei Software with Firmware Finder How to do it

Sometimes it is frustrating to read that a new update for your smartphone has been released, with many new features and bug fixes through OTA, but it doesn't matter how often you press the software update button, it doesn't give you the option to do so or to update the huawei mobile.

For Huawei and Honor smartphones, Firmware Finder It is a useful application that allows you to obtain the Last update of Android for your Huawei smartphones and Honofaster. We will show you how to use it in this article.

We are all familiar with this problem: The provider X Announces a software update for your smartphone.

You enter the settings impatiently and press the software update. You do this for an hour, you give and even a whole week, but you are not successful when updating Huawei.

We have already written about why this happens in several articles, and we have discussed them in our forum for each device in question.

Quick Updates on Huawei Using the Firmware Finder

If you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone, you can always download the firmware Most recent for your own device with the help of an application and update your Huawei. This even works on devices imported from China that have Chinese firmware.

The software does not require root privileges or an unlocked bootloader. It is also almost impossible to install the wrong version of a firmware on your smartphone. However, keep in mind that the use of an application is at your own risk.

How to Install Software Updates on Huawei with Firmware Finder?

Manual update is relatively easy for experienced users. But first you must make a backup of your smartphone, charge it fully, connect to a fast Wi-Fi connection and make sure you have enough time.

The first step is to download Firmware Finder from the App Store. After installing and opening the application for the first time, you must confirm the waiver and permission of the application. Then see a screen that should be quite simple.

The application recognizes your Honor or Huawei smart phone by itself. But, if the application did not recognize it for any reason, you can insert it manually by clicking on the plus sign. The compilation number is found in Settings> About phone.

The construction numbers of the Huawei and Honor smartphones they always follow a fixed scheme, and the Last Software Version It is always assigned to the last four digits. In our example, we use the Honor 8 Pro with the build number DUK-L09C432B183.

Select, Verify and Download the Right Firmware for your Huawei Mobile

After selecting your smartphone, move on to the next stage. Here you can find all the current firmware in chronological order.

Now, select the firmware version you want to install. Then go to the next page, where a short text appears.

Appear on Huawei changelog, with the name of the firmware you have preselected (if available). Then you can download all data for software update.

But it is more important that you check through Check Firmware Access and then IMEI If the firmware is made for your smartphone with the software installed. Sometimes it is necessary to take another step to reach the current version of the EMUI.

Once the downloaded firmware has been checked and verified for your smartphone, you can use the download function to download the files.

The download progress bar is located in the upper half of the screen and is arranged in a circle around the logo.

Configuration of Proxy Update Servers.

Once the download is complete, you must pretend that the update is being downloaded from a server. To do this go to the configuration of Wi-Fi and press Wi-Fi network with which the smartphone is connected for a long time. Here you enter the following:

  • Proxy host name: localhost
  • Proxy Port: 8080

Save the entry and go back to the Firmware Finder. Select the In-App Proxy and confirm with OK. These two steps convert to Firmware Finder on a software update server.

If you now return to the system update in the system configuration and start a search of the Last software update, be received by the corresponding software update.

If Firmware Finder has downloaded the wrong firmware for some unknown reason, your Huawei or Honor smartphone- will refuse to install it.If all files are correct, the update will be installed immediately.

After the update, don't forget remove proxy settings from Wi-Fi settings. If you do not, you cannot establish data connections on this Wi-Fi network.

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