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How to unlock the third phase of the Fortnite Prisoner's skin

It has been a week with lots of news. EA has launched a new Battle Royale called Apex Legends, but Fortnite continues to split corduroy. In ActualApp we love both games and therefore find content from both. Today we want to tell you how unlock the third phase of the Prisoner's skin. It's sper easy.

If you follow Fortnite's story a little, you will know what we are talking about. By completing a certain number of weekly challenges, the people of Epic gave us a secret skin. This represented a prisoner who was locked in the dungeons of Polar Peak. This skin has different phases and these must be unlocked through small challenges.

In each of the phases the appearance of the skin varies. The funny thing in this case is that The transformation of it is live. In other words, we will start with normal skin, when we do what they ask us to change and we will finish the game with this new look. It's cool.

third phase of the prisoner's skin

Thus the third phase of the Prisoner's skin can be unlocked

If you remember the second phase of this skin, unlock by going to Polar Peak and finding a key. This is in one of the upper rooms of the castle. The skin is not bad but its evolutions are much better and for this reason we have decided to make this article.

If you want to unlock the third phase of the Prisoner's skin Just light a fire. Yes, as simple as that. The loading screen they give us when completing all the challenges of week 10 shows a bonfire that is on a desert mountain. Here you have a map, homegrown, With the exact location.

third phase of the prisoner's skin

As you know the fires can only be lit once, so we recommend that you fall directly there. Obviously you must wear the skin. Once you light the fire, it must react and change its appearance. We have already told you that the thing was easy.

What do you think? That's right, think that for unlock the third phase of the Prisoner's skin You must have the second one before. In any case, if you have any questions or problems with the process, you can leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you. Long live the Fortnite!

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