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How to show the authenticity of brands in social networks?

How to show the authenticity of brands in social networks?

  • Consumers refer to the concept as one of the main qualities that attract them to brands.

  • We share the 3 steps to follow to show the authenticity of your brand in social networks.

  • Lee: Authenticity, what the consumer is looking for.

Authenticity can be a concept of utmost importance for brands if we consider data such as the one highlighted by the Vision Critical firm, which is that consumers refer to the concept as one of the main qualities that attract them to brands, or that of Boston Consoulting Group, which indicates that, for millennials, it ranks second, below loyalty discounts, in terms of importance when choosing the companies they support. With this data in mind it is possible to notice why it is worthwhile to generate authentic brands and more importantly to reflect this aspect, therefore, here we will highlight a way to demonstrate the authenticity of the brands.

The steps to denote the authenticity of brands

As recommended by the specialized Sprout Social platform, brands that seek to share their authenticity through the social channels they have, must follow the following 3 steps to achieve it:

one. Begin to understand the audience

As a starting point to begin to develop and demonstrate the authenticity of brands in networks, the source refers that aspects such as qualitative and quantitative data are important, particularly to know the audience as if it were the palm of the hand.

To complete this first step in understanding the audience, there are at least 5 basic sections to consider to achieve it. These are:

  • Data of the audience
  • Content Performance
  • Social listening
  • Collaborators of other teams
  • Intuition

Regarding the first aspect, the data of the audience, whether it is to look at the general demographic data or read the personal profile of an individual, there are many points of information that can be collected about the audience on social networks. Ideally, you have to bet on getting a platform from which to visualize them in a more general way, but with details instead of consulting the profiles one by one.

With reference to the second aspect, in order to boost the authenticity of brands in social networks, it is necessary to consult the reports of social networks or the platform used to manage them, to see how the different posts work and see how the audience responds to the different contents. It is also worthwhile to interact with the digital team to analyze the paid strategy and also know the performance of social creative elements such as videos, images, GIFs, ads, among others, to also see what is having a better performance in terms of impressions, engagements, clicks, downloads, etc.

With respect to social listening, it is necessary to have a tool that facilitates the development of this task. As you can understand, with social listening the idea is to identify patterns and evaluate trends regarding which topics and content resonate most with the audience in social networks. On the other hand, listening can be used to better understand the questions, opinions and the feeling of the audience around the brand or the industry in general.

In the case of the collaborators of other teams, considering that it is practically a fact that there are more teams with which you have to work, it is ideal to talk regularly with these people, either of the sales team or customer service, to Sharing information regarding who is arriving, also to know the feedback that is being received and to better understand aspects such as what interests customers.

Finally, although the hard data is excellent as a basis for understanding the audience, it is also worth considering intuition, that which is generated by spending time talking to the audience through the different social networks.

2. Convert audience insights and goals into a social strategy

The idea with this second step to follow to denote the authenticity of brands in social networks is to think about how the authenticity of the brand can be built through content for social platforms. In this particular section it is necessary to ask questions such as the following:

  • What are the brand values?
  • What manages to differentiate the brand?
  • Why do customers and employees prefer the brand over others?
  • What stories of the organization are not being shared in this space?

As Sprout Social shares it, there is a work work scheme that can be followed to address this point and turn ideas to be more authentic into a strategy. Everything starts by brainstorming about how the brand can create a real connection with people, identifying ways to be more transparent (considering what specific thing can be shared and making sure that this is aligned with what is really important for the audience).

Then you should think about potential sources of content, and finally, you should use social goals as a lens to develop a whole series and ideas of publications that take those qualities to the social section.

Here, other ways to show the personality of the brand through engagement. For this, one must think about how it interacts with the community and how to create moments of connection falls. This must be taken to the strategy and consider its priorities. Remember that people can easily identify generic responses, so a priority is to personalize each interaction.

According to the source, once the best opportunities to show the authenticity of the brands, their beliefs, culture and history have been identified, this should be shared (the strategy) with the rest of the team.

3. Measure success and iterate

Finally, to know if the efforts are working and the authenticity of the brands is being reflected, it is only necessary to measure the results, repeat what is succeeding.

A focus on the authenticity of brands and the connection with people will result in (when done correctly) more conversation around the brand. With this approach, the person in charge of social networks will be able to feel more connected to his audience because he is more connected to the brand. Furthermore, it will be found that insights and intuition, mentioned in the first step, will be more precise, validated by the audience's responses and content performance.

However, not only with what happens in networks you can measure success, you can also use other equipment, such as support or sales to verify how things are going, these collaborators can present with images that are broader than There is still need to adjust and what is already generating an impact.


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