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How to see the amount of RAM installed on Android

Android RAM

The RAM in the phone is something of importance. Greater RAM in Android allows us to perform a greater amount of tasks and processes at the same time, without a worse performance on the device. Therefore, knowing the amount we have installed on the phone is an important fact for users in the operating system.

Although on many occasions we do not know how much RAM our Android phone has. Luckily, there are ways to verify this data without too many complications. We show you the ways we can use today, to access this data as soon as possible and get out of doubt.

How to see RAM on Android

RAM installed on Android

The simplest option we can use at all times on Android is check in phone settings. Within the settings we find a section in which we have information about the device. We are given data such as the version of the operating system we are using, and also the RAM that the phone has. So we can obtain this data at all times.

To do this, we must first open the settings of our Android phone. Depending on the phone, the section about the phone may be in the system section. In other models it can be a separate section. Anyway, you have to go to the information section of the device, which is usually called About.

Here we find all kinds of data on the device, among which we find the amount of RAM it has installed. Therefore, we have already had access to this data on our Android phone in a very simple way. It doesn't take long to get this data.

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Search the specifications

We can always topost by searching phone specifications. Normally, we know which Android phone we use, so we can search the official website of the manufacturer or pages like ours, where we talk regularly about the specifications of the new phones that reach the market.

In these specifications we are at all times with the amount of RAM that is installed in the device. So we can have this information at all times in a simple way. If you have doubts or are not sure, or if your phone does not show this information, resorting to the search of its online specifications is always a good option to consider. It also takes little to make use of it and is effective.


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In Android we can also resort to the use of applications in this type of cases. There are many applications that allow us to see data about the phone's components, such as the processor, the battery or the RAM that we have in the device. So it is presented as another option as comfortable if we want to have this information at all times. In the Play Store we find many options in this field.

We can turn to performance applications, such as AnTuTuTu, which give us data about the device components at all times, including the RAM that we have installed on it. We can see the data of the device, from the model, processor or RAM and thus know more about its performance and the state in which it is. Simple to use and that we can install for free on an Android phone.

On the other hand, there are applications like CPU-Z, of which we have spoken to you in the past. Thanks to it we can check the battery status in our phone, but we also have access to data such as the amount of RAM installed. Very convenient to use and it is also an application that we can install for free. So it will perfectly fulfill what you were looking for in this regard. You can know the amount of RAM you have on your smartphone.

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