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How to record the screen on your Samsung Galaxy with OneUI

Samsung recently renewed the interface of its new phones and announced that it would take it to models that had gone on sale with the previous one, with Samsung Experience.

One UI, which is what is called the new Samsung graphic layer that runs above Android 9, has many functions that are practical but also others that have gone very unnoticed.

One of them is the option of record the screen in any application, something that seems to be not integrated into the system but is actually easy to do.

Using Game Launcher to record the screen

The trick is to tell the mobile that the application in question we want to record, which can be any, is a game. That way it will give you access to the screen recording options that the Samsung Galaxy games have by default. For this we have to open the application Game Launcher and follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner (the three dots).
  • Select Add applications.
  • We choose the one we want.
  • Click on Add.

Now we will leave Game Launcher and open that application normally. We have done the example with Flamingo, a Twitter client. And we do this:

  • We open the app.
  • We slide the notifications and click on Press to display Game Tools.
  • Click on record.
  • When we finish the recording, we slide the notifications and click on Press to stop the recording.

When we finish an orange sign will appear at the end of the screen that will give us access to the recording. However, if we want we can see it from any gallery application we have, as one more video.

It is possible to change the configuration of the video we record as the screen resolution or the source of the sound of the app, it can be the application itself or we talking to the microphone.

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