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How to download YouTube messages before the service closes

YouTube messages

A few hours ago, my partner Eder informed you about YouTube's plans to close its messaging service, a service that unfortunately for Google, he has not had the success he had expected, hence it has been forced to close due to the lack of use and interest that the user community has shown.

However, not everyone has passed this service Olympic, since it is likely that if you have reached this article, you are one of the users who have actively used it. If this is the case and you do not want to lose all the messages you have sent, so it can happen, then we show you a tutorial to be able to Download the YouTube chats.

The YouTube messaging platform has not reached the age of 3, it was born in May 2016, reaching the world a year later. The next September 18 will lower the blind definitely becoming the new service that happens to fbe part of Google projects that have not been successful among the waiting users.

Download YouTube messages

First, we must go to the Google Takedown page. This is the page that the search giant puts at our disposal to be able to Create a copy of all our content on YouTube.

If we do not want to make a copy of all the content, we must click on All YouTube data has been included Y select only the chats section.

Next, you will ask us if we want a single file, the compression format (.zip or .tgz) and final file size. It offers us the option of obtaining content in split files of up to 50 GB each. For the chats, it is not necessary to modify this function since I doubt that I will overcome it.

Finally we click on Create file Once it has been created, we will receive an email with a link to the created file.

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