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How to connect a mouse to iPadOS and iOS 13

iPadOS Y iOS 13 It allows you to use a mouse with your iPhone or iPad. It is very easy to do, but also very tangle.

Apple wants not all users to use a mouse with their devices, as it is a function that at least in iOS 13 and iPadOS is hidden in the Accessibility menu, a section that helps users with some problem using the screen have An alternative to interact in the interface.

Follow these steps to connect a mouse to your iPad or iPhone

Scar Gutirrez / CNET screenshot

Unlike any other peripheral (such as a keyboard) that simply synchronizes from the Bluetooth menu, the mouse must be configured in the Accessibility menu by following these steps: Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Pointing device. In this section you can synchronize a device via Bluetooth.

Using a mouse has been one of the most requested functions, especially on the iPad that wants to be a substitute for a conventional computer. Although Steve Jobs does not believe in the use of a mouse or stylus on the iPhone or iPad, it seems that the company under the mantle of Tim Cook is giving his arm to twist.

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