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How to block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone

Slowly and with good lyrics, this is one of the most popular applications of today (if not the most) advances integrating functions that often arrive later than you can imagine. However, the wait is over for this particular feature, because it is now possible to block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone, thus being able to provide some more security to our digital conversations.

With this tool activated, when opening WhatsApp we will be required to check the face (only on compatible iPhone) or put your finger on the fingerprint reader of the phone owner to access the application.

So you can block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone

Although previously we have to resort to external security applications that make us apao, now we can block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID directly from WhatsApp itself, since it is a function that has been integrated into the app with the last update of it .

Without further ado, these are the steps to follow:

block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch IDIn WhatsApp, go to the section Configuration which is in the lower right corner and we access Account, above Chats.

Within Account, tap on Privacy to access this category.

block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch IDOnce in Privacy, we scroll down to find Screen lock and we access it.

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block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

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Depending on your iPhone, you can activate Require Face ID or Require Touch ID. When activated, you can set a time limit for the app to ask you for identification.

If you select «Immediately», the application will ask you for biometric data every time you try to enter WhatsApp. If for example you choose «After 15 minutes», you will not be asked to enter your face or your fingerprint during the first quarter of an hour since you unlocked the app.

WhatsApp security is getting stronger

In addition to this type of security – more focused on nearby physics and to prevent other people from accessing our conversations – WhatsApp has other functions that provide a bonus that is not more applicable.

For example, it has been a while since two-step verification is available, a system that adds a PIN code to WhatsApp every time we install the app on a smartphone. Thus, in addition to the typical SMS with the code sent to the phone, it is also necessary to enter that PIN that only the user knows. It is one of the star formulas to avoid pishing or phishing attacks.

Similarly, and to avoid scares, a few years ago WhatsApp actively reports sessions that are open with our account. This way we know if we have left a WhatsApp Web session open on a third-party computer or if someone is accessing our account remotely.

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