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How to add or remove a Google account on Android

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<p>Normally we have <strong>a Google account associated with our Android phone</strong>. Although we are always able to add additional accounts, so we can also have them synchronized with the phone. A possibility that may be of interest to many users in the operating system, but who do not know how to use.</p><div class=

Therefore, below we explain the way in which we can add a Google account to our Android phone. So if you plan to have an additional account, you can use and synchronize on the phone easily. Also the way in which to delete an account that we no longer use or do not want to use.

Add Google account on Android

Add Google Android account

As we said, the normal thing is that let's use a single Google account on Android. But if we also use the phone for work, or simply want to have a second account, we have the possibility to add one to the device at all times. This will allow it to synchronize with what we do on the phone, something that many users may want in this regard. The steps to follow in this case are simple.

We have to open the settings of our phone first. Next we have to enter the accounts section, in some cases it is called Users and accounts and in other phones it can be inside another section. When we are in this section, we have to click on the option to add a new account. The next thing is to select the type of account, a Google account in this case, so click on that option.

Then we will be asked to introduce the name of the account and then we will have to enter your password, to log in to it. It is a necessary step for us to be able to add this account to our Android phone. When these steps have been completed, the account has already been added to the phone, which will allow us to use it at all times. The process has been completed in this way. They let us add all the accounts we want in this case, so if there is more than one, we will have to repeat the process to be able to add it to the phone.

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Delete Google Account

Delete Google Android account

On the other hand, there is the possibility that we want to do just the opposite and what we want is to remove access to a Google account that we have on Android. We want to delete this account from the phone, because we don't use it, for example. This is something we can do at all times on the phone, either by removing a new account that we have added or the one that was the main account so far.

In this case, the steps are similar to the previous section. Open the settings of your Android phone and then look for the accounts section (the name may change depending on the phone). There we will have to look for the Google account that we don't want to use anymore on the device, in the list of accounts that we currently have associated with the device. The way to remove it may vary in some cases, depending on the personalization layer used.

The normal thing is that if you press and hold on that account You will get the option to remove it. So we just have to click on it and delete this account from the phone. A window will appear asking if we are sure to delete this Google account from our Android phone. As it is what we want to do, then we give him to accept and this account will be eliminated of the telephone completely. This completes the process in this way, very simple as you can see. If we regret it, in the future we can always add that account again, following the steps in the previous section.

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If you want to delete the account you have associated with your phone, it will be possible, although it is normal that later you will be asked to create or add a that you have associated with your Android smartphone.

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