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How to activate that only admin can speak in a WhatsApp group

Today we bring you one of the most useful articles written in ActualApp. And there are WhatsApp groups that are the heaviest thing in the world. Normally the parents of the school are those who take the palm. Here we will show you how set up a group so that only admins can speak. It would be the way to have an informative channel only.

The truth is that this is much more common on Telegram. There is a long time that this option is activated and there are many organizations that use it to inform its members. It is the way of not having a constant intoxication in the group. There are people who are not able to understand that a group of parents is no place to hang videos and memes funny.

How to activate the option that only admin can talk on WhatsApp

Many think that you need to create a new WhatsApp group, But it really isn't necessary. This option can be activated in any existing group. The problem is that maybe it is a bit of bad education to do it, right? How do you tell people, sorry but you are very heavy, from now on we will make only admin can speak.

I guess by now you will know how to create a WhatsApp group. What we will tell you now is how to configure it to activate this option. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Press we place within the WhatsApp group.
  2. We give the name of the group and we will enter a menu.speak the admin
  3. Here we look for the option called Group configuration.speak the admin
  4. Once inside you will see that there is an option titled Send messages. If we click on it, it will open An emerging menu.speak the admin
  5. This is where we can choose if we want everyone to be able to send messages or that only admin can speak.speak the admin

It's easy right? This way you can solve One of the main problems of the 21st century. And it is so angry that someone does not answer in a group, as everyone is talking non-stop. In this way there will be no problem since only those who really have important things to say are going to speak. If you have any questions about the process leave us a comment and try to clarify it. Long live WhatsApp!

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