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Here is the secret star of Fortnite week 1 [Temporada 8]

In ActualApp we are very hooked to this game. The season 8 That started just a few days ago we loved it. We already have all the challenges overcome and we want to continue advancing in the Battle Pass. To get a level we encourage you to find the Secret Star of Fortnite Week 1.

You know that it has been several seasons since the people of Epic games It offers us this possibility. There are times when it is a star and other times a scroll. To complete this little challenge, just approach the location of that element and this appears as if by magic. Then we must interact with him and we will have done it.

This is the location of the secret star of Fortnite week 1

To know where to find the Fortnite week 1 secret star we have to look at the loading screen they give us when completing the challenges. Remember that one of them is Visit all pirate camps. In fact, a privateer is the protagonist of this week's image. Let's go to see her.

secret star of fortnite week 1

In all loading screens, the secret star appears somewhere or elsewhere. If you look closely in this case it is located at the top of the tower that is seen in the background. Sabis where is it? Exactly in the small lake with a pirate ship that has appeared in the last update. Here we leave you a map with exact location.

secret star of fortnite week 1

What do you think? Easy, right? The truth is that in this case it is quite simple to find it. There have been other times when it has cost us much more. In any case, if there is a problem or a doubt about how to get the secret star of Fortnite week 1 Leave us a comment. We will help you!