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HarmonyOS premieres on 55-inch Honor Vision TVs arriving in China this week

Those responsible for Huawei presented its HarmonyOS operating system last week, and explained then how this platform can not only be used on smartphones, but also on wearables, vehicles or smart TVs.

Precisely, the premiere of HarmonyOS is produced on one of these smart TVs: the new family of Honor Vision TVs be the one with the honor of debuting with this operating system governing it. The first two 55-inch models arrive in China this week, it is unclear whether they will be sold out there.

A good field of experimentation

Although in Huawei they made it clear that HarmonyOS could be used on their smartphones without problems, it seems a good idea to launch this operating system on products such as smart TVs to check the behavior of this platform in them before taking it to more versatile devices such as mobile devices.


Inside these televisions be the Honghu 818 chipset, which will be accompanied by a Wi-Fi chipset and another dedicated to enhance the artificial intelligence of a webcam in one of the models.

What is a microkernel and why Huawei uses it in HarmonyOS (and Google in Fuchsia)

The Honghu 818 processor handles all image processing, and allows access to motion estimation and compensation technologies or to HDR technology support. It is an octa-core chip that according to Huawei optimizes the use of bandwidth and outperforms other models on the market – without specifying which ones – by 50% in this area.

In one of the two televisions we also have a pop-up webcam that thanks to the NPU chip (Neural Processing Unit) has facial recognition, body tracking and posture detection. The third chip that stands out is the Hisilicon Hi1103, aimed at offering WiFi connections with download rates of up to 1.7 Gbps, something important for example when playing 4K streaming content.

Only in China at the moment and with HarmonyOS as a great mystery

For now the official information of this new family of televisions does not give additional details about HarmonyOS. It is interesting to see how this operating system behaves on Huawei / Honor TVs, how fluid and usable its interface is and what options it gives users in areas such as the installation of applications.


The first two televisions of this family are the Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro (the one with the webcam and the NPU chipset). Both have a 55-inch panel with 4K resolution and the aforementioned HDR support. These panels have an NTSC color gamut support of 87%, 16: 9 format, 60 Hz refresh rate, 400 maximum brightness nits and 178 degree viewing angles.

Both will go on sale next August 15: the Honor Vision (2 GB of RAM and 16 GB capacity) cost 3,799 yuan (about 480 euros), while the premium version, the Honor Vision Pro (2 GB of RAM and 32 GB capacity), cost 4,799 yuan (606 euros). There is no data on its potential marketing outside China, but we will update this data if that happens.

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