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Gravity Rider Zero is the perfect substitute for Hill Climb Racing 2

Gravity Rider Zero is a great game that has recently arrived on Android and that puts you in control of your trial bike to compete through a multitude of levels against other players.

A title that is worthy of a great technical quality and that stands out through some planes where you can see the whole circuit, as if it were a roller coaster, and thus go contemplating what are the jumps that you have to try next. A game of ten to enjoy on your mobile the beautiful.

Jump through continuous ramps in Gravity Rider Zero

Gravity Rider Zero is a great game of jumping ramps to trial in which you will have to know how to properly balance your motorcycle so that you fall as well as possible on the ground. It is vitally important that you know how to use the two buttons that you have located on your left side to take advantage of the ramps and take greater speed.

Gravity Rider Zero

Not only do we have to know how to balance the bike vertically, but we must also know how to slow down in some moments where we can find platforms that force us to leave the motorcycle placed on it and thus be able to level down.

Gravity Rider Zero competitors

One of the points of Gravity Rider Zero is the large number of circuits and the variety in each of them. Just imagine one of those roller coasters of the amusement parks and you will get a better idea of ​​the laps, turns and jumps that you will be able to find in each lap that you give to a circuit.

Remembering a glory like Hill Climb Racing 2

If you have played Hill Climb Racing 2 you will find many similarities, since the base of the game is the same. In fact we can almost say that It is the best substitute for those who leave at some point that 2D racing degree that is characterized by the great addiction it causes.

Gravity Rider Zero on Android

The big difference with Gravity Rider Zero is that in this view or perspective is changing to offer views of the circuits the truth that cool. Another difference is that here we will go through science fiction and futuristic circuits, while in Hill Climb the thing is more about going down the mountain.

Gravity Rider Zero

Be that as it may, we are facing the game that collects his witness to face us to a wide variety of obstacles that will slow our path to victory. There are also dozens of unique futuristic racing vehicles and circuits that will show off the great originality that this game has.

Less freemium than others

It must be said that Gravity Rider Zero is less freemium than others, although we will have many advertisements to see if we want to unlock more cards and thus get better things. They boast that there are no parts with a high cost, although they already say that if you pay, you can evolve faster with a little pay to win.


Technically it is a very nice game for play with perfect performance and without any lag. We highlight the circuits, the design of the environments and those obstacles that invite you to overcome them. We talked about a missile stack, a pool full of oil and another series of obstacles that we let you discover for yourself. The truth that sometimes offers a formidable gaming experience when we ride those roller coasters that are its circuits.

Gravity Rider Zero arrives eager to be the substitute for Hill Climb Racing 2 with a whole content that awaits you for free from the Play Store. A title to play hours and hours and thus duel against players from all over the world; yes, they will not be the games in real time, but you will have the feeling of a constant pique against others. It takes you long to install it.

Gravity Rider

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