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Google Play Music may say goodbye to the market soon

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the music streaming services that the company currently has in its hands. The other is YouTube Music, which seems to be gradually gaining some market presence. For many years this has been the reference service of Google on Android, but it seems that its time to say goodbye to the market could have already arrived.

Especially since YouTube Music was launched There are doubts about what has to happen with Google Play Music. Since it would be strange that the firm will maintain both services. Especially to be in this way competitors and end up taking market share. Therefore, Google takes action in this regard.

This is something that has been done in an unexpected way, without there having been an official announcement by Google. But users they no longer have the possibility to give subscriptions from Google Play Music. This was something possible, so you would give away a gift card with a subscription to this service. Very comfortable for many users, but this function is no longer available. Something I could say a lot.

Google Play Music

On the one hand, it prevents users who bought or gave them subscriptions to friends or family, no longer have this possibility. This is something that many will not like. But it is something that is also seen with a first step to Say goodbye to the platform officially.

It seems clear that Google gives preference to YouTube Music in the market, which seems to be growing at a better pace than Google Play Music. So this streaming platform could end up disappearing from the market. For the company it makes no sense to have two platforms available, especially if they are used for the same purpose. One of the two will have to be removed at some point.

This possibility is gaining strength with the passing of days, although nothing has happened so far. Therefore, we will have to wait to know what happens finally, but we can't rule out that Google Play Music is going to say goodbye of the market soon. Without a doubt, it will be a complex decision for the company.

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