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Google Contacts allows us to quickly switch between accounts through a gesture


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All smartphone manufacturers that add a personalization layer to their terminals, offer us Own applications to access contacts, messages, calendar… However, Google allows us to make use of the same applications available in the company's Google Pixel through the Play Store.

As the weeks go by, Google is updating many of its applications adding a swipe gesture to be able to switch between the different user accounts that we have configured in our terminal. First it was Google Maps. A week later Google Drive. Now it's the turn of Contacts.

Version 3.8.3 of the Google Contacts application has just added a new gesture that allows us, sliding up or down, change the data that shows us when changing the user of the main account for which we also have added to our device. We also have the option to show contacts from all accounts, an option that is shown by linking the images of all contacts.

The animation used It is new and different from what Google Maps offers us. While the map application reloads the entire screen to display the data of another user, and Google Drive uses a side appearance feature, Contacts maintains static screen elements by replacing only the contacts and the account avatar.

If you want to be among the first to use this new feature, you can go through APK Mirror and download version 3.8.3. If you are not in a hurry, You can wait for Google to launch the corresponding update in the Play Store, an update that should not take many days to appear.

As the previous version is released in APK Mirror, Very little time elapses until the same version arrives at the Play Store, so it will probably be available within a few hours without having to go through this application repository.

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