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Google camera makes the top black bar transparent, only with Android 10

Google camera

With the launch of the first Google Pixel, the search giant showed us what it was capable of in the photographic section. The Google Camera application is one of the applications that every user should have installed on their terminal, unless this offer a large number of options that Google does not miss.

As the years pass, As the years have passed, Google has been adding new features to this application, tosome of them available from a specific version of Android, as is the case with the latest news found in the Google Camera application.

Google Camera - Google Camera


A new version of Google Camera (Google Camera) has appeared in APK Mirror, specifically version This version includes as a main novelty a new design of the top bar, which instead of showing the color black, now it is transparent. Of course, in order to enjoy this transparent top bar, our device must be managed by Android 10.

By displaying a transparent bar, it allows us to see a wider view of the objects and / or people or animals we want to capture. This allows us make the composition faster and easier. Keep in mind that the composition in the photographs in 90% of it. If the composition is bad, the picture cannot be considered good.

Of course, what we want is to make a memory of us in a city or monument, the composition It is not important. The main change that Google Camera 6.3 offers us is that the Night Sight function is not hidden within the More option, but we can find it among the main options of the camera, something that users will greatly appreciate.

Now that the application is now available in APK Mirror, It's a matter of hours that I officially arrive at the Play Store.

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