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Free applications that were previously paid, offers that last very little

Whenever Friday arrives we have several reasons for joy: because of the proximity of the weekend and also because we used to gather all the payment applications in the same article They set to zero euros on Google Play Well, not all, only the best ones: we choose the free offers that are worthwhile so you don't have to worry about their quality.

Since all the apps and games you have below are punctual offers are likely to recover their original price in no time. So hurry up and run for all the offers: only then will you get them on offer.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Now that you have arrived here, you have to see other apps and games that are also worthwhile despite costing some money: they are essential sales. Get all of them now!

Star Walk 2 – Star Sky: 3D Constellations

An impressive application to know all the stars and astronomical elements that surround us. A lot of information, augmented reality, time machine? It is of great quality and now has an 80% discount.

Atlas of human anatomy 2019: the body in 3D

With this app you will have all the information of the human body, it will be as if you could travel inside to know each of the parts that compose it. Perfect for those studying human anatomy. And it has an 88% discount.

Akupara Games games

This independent developer is committed to quality and originality in its proposals. And there is no better way to know their titles than to download them on offer: up to 41% less.

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