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Fortnite week 6, season 10: Visit a huge piano

It's time to show off your best dance movement and jump to the new challenges of week 6 of the video gameFortnite, still beating its season 10. On this occasion, battle royale players will be able to find a variety of objectives related to music and dances, coinciding with the main theme of the week "Boogie Down". Our guide will focus on a particular Prestige challenge called "Visit a huge piano." But before going into details, let's see what else this week holds for us.

Fortnite Week 6, Season 10 Challenges

fortnite week 6 season 10 visit a huge piano 1

As usual, there are seven challenges to complete in total. These are the standards in difficulty, but upon completing them all, a new group of Prestige missions that are a little harder to do, but offer better rewards, will be enabled.

Normal Boogie Down Challenges

  • Hit an enemy with a boogie bomb.
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, in a pool high above the ground and on a chair for giants.
  • Get an elimination with a shotgun, an assault rifle and a submachine gun.
  • Scroll 100 meters while dancing.
  • Visit a huge piano.
  • Destroy the “Forbidden to dance” signs.
  • Dance with a B.R.U.T.O. in different items.

Boogie Down prestige challenges

  • Inflicts damage to an enemy affected by a boogie bomb.
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, in a pool on the ground and in a chair for giants in the same game.
  • Make an elimination with a sniper rifle, a gun and an explosive weapon.
  • Dance along with other users to lift the disco ball in an ice cream hangar.
  • He plays the score on a large piano.
  • Dance after opening each one of supplies in different games.
  • Dance behind the DJ booth in a dance club with the YOND3R suit.

As you can see, there are two “visit a huge piano” challenges this week. We will explain how to find them both.

Visit a huge piano: tips to complete it

fortnite week 6 season 10 visit a huge piano 2

Before entering the specific objective and how to complete it, here are some tips worth considering before trying to make the challenge.

  • Complete the challenges in Team Rumble, as there are fewer players competing for the same challenge.
  • If you are having problems with the normal or prestigious version of this goal, be sure to enable Party Assist so your teammates can help you.
  • These challenges require players to take turns completing them.
  • Be sure to visit the piano a second time to perform the prestige challenge, since you can't do them both in the same game.

Visit a huge piano: where to find it

fortnite week 6 season 10 visit a huge piano 3

The location of the huge piano changed with respect to the last occasion. Now, he resides on a cliff at the east end facing the ocean, just southeast of Lonely Lodge and north of the heroes' mansin. Its exact place is in cell J5 of the grid map.

How to play the music score

fortnite week 6 season 10 visit a huge piano 4

The Prestige version of the challenge takes you not only to visit it, but also to play it with a reference score. To achieve this, you must enter a new game and go back to the location of the piano indicated above. You will find a score that reads "CEGEC". The piano notes are marked with those lyrics. All you have to do is play those notes in the same order indicated.

Rewards of the challenges of week 6 season 10 in Fortnite

fortnite week 6 season 10 visit a huge piano 5

The reward for this week inFortnite depend on how many challenges you have completed. The full list for the week of the “Boogie Down” mission is below:

  • A challenge: 10 battle stars.
  • Two challenges: 10 battle stars.
  • Three challenges: 10 additional battle stars.
  • Four challenges: 5,000 experience points.
  • Five challenges: 10 battle stars.
  • Six challenges: 10 battle stars.
  • All seven challenges: Sc3pt3r peak.

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