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For this reason famous players prefer Fortnite to Apex Legends

As you know we are in a Week with lots of news. Last week some famous youtubers and streamers went to the United States to try a new game. This was the Apex Legends, a Battle Royale of Respawn and EA, a game that we loved. But we have noticed that Famous players prefer Fortnite and here we will tell you why.

Think of this new game of EA An still has a long way to go. Just yesterday we told you that they are working on launch the cross platfom and a mobile version. There are also rumors about a battle pass and other news that may come shortly. Obviously here we will inform you promptly.

famous players prefer fortnite

Famous players prefer Fortnite Why?

These days we have seen games of Rubius and Lolito and Vegetta and Willyrex next to angel. In all of them it has become clear that they have had a great time. The games in Apex Legends They are a little shorter and much more exciting. Unlike Fortnite, walls cannot be built here The clashes are very intense.

But surprisingly, or not, the day after the presentation Everyone returned to Fortnite. And also with statements of the kind we are from Fortnite and things like that. The reason is very simple. Epic Games pays thousands and thousands of euros to these people. How? Well, through the code it supports a creator.

It seems these famous players prefer Fortnite because they are lined with this feature. It is said that they earn hundreds of thousands of euros annually. Therefore, they will continue to recommend this title s or s.

famous players prefer fortnite

This does not mean that Fortnite is a great game and that the numbers in terms of likes and visits come out very well. It's clear that Epic Games does an excellent job, We are big fans of the game. But we would also like to have a little more variety in the content of our streamers favorites.

What should Apex Legends do to improve?

Currently a game that wants to succeed has to accomplish two things. It must be fun to play, but also entertaining to watch. And it is that success on YouTube or Twitch is vital to achieve success. So we think that Apex Legends is on the right track but It can improve in a couple of aspects.

First of all we recommend launch an individual game mode. All the great players have triumphed in solitary mode with what we believe is an indispensable requirement. Then it will also be fine to implement once and for all a battle pass, although this is more thinking about the great public.

famous players prefer fortnite

Finally, if the game achieves an acceptable level of sales Having an affiliate system is a master move. We already tell you that for this reason famous players prefer Fortnite. Finally the tournament organization It also generates a lot of online content.

In any case we are sure that the people of Respawn and EA They know what they are doing and they are not surprised by what we tell in this article. We only give you our humble opinion about it. And how you can get rid of our words we wish you the best of luck. Long live Apex Legends!