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Follow here the Fortnite tournament of LOLiTOFDEZ, Ampeterby7 and Agustin51 in Saudi Arabia

Almost by surprise, a new fortnite tournament expect us this Thursday July 18 nothing more and nothing less than in Saudi arabia. Hundreds of influencers and youtubers from among those who stand out are invited LOLiTOFDEZ, Ampeterby7 and Agustin51, who will travel to the country to play from there and thus broadcast it to the entire world.

Because yes, as expected, we can watch the tournament live to live it in real time with our favorite players. In this post we bring you the schedules and the channels where you can follow it.

Don't miss the Fortnite tournament in Saudi Arabia, with LOLiTOFDEZ, Ampeterby7 and Agustin51

On these lines you have the LOLiTOFDEZ channel on Twitch, where he will be live showing his games.

  • Date: 07/18/2019
  • Hour: From 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time)

It should be noted that while LOLiTO claimed to connect after 4 pm (Spanish time) in one of the comments on his YouTube video, he says he will from 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time). Keep that in mind.

Procedure of the tournament in Saudi Arabia

How does this tournament work? It should be noted that it is not a private tournament as such, since it initially had an open period.

The July 17 an open online round is held so that anyone could present, prior registration through the official website of the tournament. After 4 games of 100 solo players, 14 of them qualified in each round (except in the 5, which only qualified 6 + 1 reserve).

On the second day, that is, on July 18, the first day qualifiers will play in squads of 4 jnext to the invited influencerss, forming a total of 25 teams. In addition, there will be 4 maps to get different prizes.

The tournament prizes in Saudi Arabia

The organization has a total of 20,000 dollars to be distributed among the different winning teams for each map. The division is as follows:

  1. First position: 2,000 dollars for the squad.
  2. Second position: $ 1,500 for the squad.
  3. Third position: 1,000 dollars for the squad.

Participants and center where the Saudi Arabia tournament will be held

One of the main claims, at least for Spain and Latin America, is the participation of LOLiTOFDEZ, Ampeterby7 and Agustin51; however, the list of influences totals up to 69 in total (+31 anonymous players who won their place in the tournament of the previous day), so that international participants from different countries will join together (although many others are local).

You can check the complete list on the official website of the tournament.

Finally, it should be noted that the meeting will take place at the Roman Amphieatre in Saudi Arabia in which the invited players will have their teams ready to do everything in person; something similar to tournaments organized by Gamergy, for example.

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