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Features of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Is it Water Resistant?

One of the Samsung phones that has most affected the users' taste is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Is a mid-range cell that when it went to the market it cost between 250 and 300, so many people chose their preference for this excellent team.

The price was excellent if we have some features that little have to envy other high-end smartphones. For example, we can name your high definition screen of 5.5 inches, its Samsung processor of 8 cores and 1.6 GHz, 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, with rear and front camera of 13 MP and 5 MP. Its battery is very powerful with a capacity of 3,300 mA that offers you great autonomy of uninterrupted use.

But there is a question that is in the minds of many users, a kind of urban legend about the supposed water resistance of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Today we come with all the irons to elucidate this issue once and for all and help you clear all your doubts about it.

Can the Samsung J7 Prime be put into the water?

This is a question you could save yourself if you could analyze the ones that say the specifications of each product, those famous small letters that many times we do not pay attention to them but let us be dazzled by the external presentation of the product or by the positive comments received. Some people have experiences of how their teams were submerged in the water without suffering damage and some people believe that without even analyzing the truth of these versions.

First of all let us warn you that Don't you dare immerse your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime in the water without first reading what we have to tell you. One of the most important technical specifications that we should read about a smartphone when buying it is if it complies with the IP67 or IP68 certifications that refer to the ability of that cell to resist splashing, water and dust. In case your cell phone complies with these certifications you can be sure that it is waterproof under certain conditions. It's not that it's underwater or anything like that, it's just that it won't be damaged if it is submerged by accident.

Now that you know something about the IP67 and IP68 certifications, the big question is: Is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime waterproof? The answer is absolutely not. This is due to does not comply with certifications previously mentioned.

But not everything is negative. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a high quality phone made with excellent materials so has some resistance to water and dust. This means that a drizzle or accidental splatter can resist them But up to a point. Just be careful not to subject it to extreme situations that include immersing yourself in the water completely. If this happens, you may lose your cell phone completely.

We hope this information has allowed you to clarify once and for all where the capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime reach and do not go swimming with him. It is a high quality phone, very resistant but has its limitations. Before buying a product you should always read its specifications and investigate what each one means.

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